10 Things To Know Before You Trek Gorillas in Rwanda

Gorilla trek in Rwanda

Things to Know Before You Gorilla Trek in Rwanda

Gorilla Trek in Rwanda is a dream activity for Wildlife lovers. Few have got the chance to be part of this mind-blowing pursuit offered in Volcanoes National Park.

Listed as one of the highlights for a Rwandan trip, Gorilla trekking is the only expedition that awards tourists an opportunity to meet the rarely seen Gorillas in their natural habitats.

They usually prefer staying deep in the Jungles where there is limited access to human beings.

It is not common to find them in open spaces, that’s why trekking excursions are arranged for those who would like to see these great apes at a must pay cost.

Rwanda is a naturally endowed destination and has plenty of things to see and do.

Besides that its favorable climatic conditions, welcoming locals, ease of accessibility and delicious cuisine are enough to make you include it on your wish list for an incredible Safari in East Africa.

Before you book a Gorilla tour in Rwanda, be sure to know about these important points detailed below.

Location of Rwanda.

Popularly known as the land of a thousand hills, this country is geographically located in the Eastern region of Africa. It is near Uganda in the North, Tanzania in the East, Democratic Republic of Congo in the West and Burundi in the South.

How to get there.

Getting to Rwanda is a common question asked by first-timers. Then it’s my pleasure to give a precise and correct answer.

If you are travelling from other destinations that are not part of East Africa, there is only one option for you which is air travel (plane).

For those who are connecting to Rwanda from neighboring countries like Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo, you can use air or road transport means.

What is required for Entry permission?

It doesn’t end on getting there. Before you are issued entry permission to the country, there are some documents required.

These include a valid passport, visa, a yellow fever vaccination card and a PCR COVID-19 test with negative results from a legit laboratory recognized by your home country or destination of departure.

How to book a Gorilla Tour in Rwanda.

Use of a local tour operator is the best way to enjoy Rwanda Gorilla Trek. Make sure to arrange your trip with a reputable company like Eco Tours Rwanda.

Check out their website for more details. This platform showcases all tours offered in Rwanda, so it’s your choice to choose the one of your interest.

It isn’t hard to book for a tour as you may expect. Just drop in a message by filling the form on their contact us page.

The reservationist is ever online to give prompt responses.

What is required for Gorilla Trek?

It starts from here. You may need to be part of Rwanda’s Gorilla trekking expeditions, but do you know what’s required for you to qualify for the activity.

Other than that, do you qualify? It is hard to tell because you are not aware of the things required.

Am pretty sure by the time you finish reading this paragraph below you will be able to determine whether you qualify or not.

Gorilla Trek in Rwanda requires a must buy permit which costs 1500 USD per person. This card is valid for use by one person in the respective booked trekking dates.

It only issues you permission to see the Gorillas. Leaving alone that, for any person to meet Gorillas in Rwanda, you must be fifteen years of age or above and physically fit.

Those who can’t manage the treks via rugged paths in the Jungle, you have an option to hire porters and carry you at a cost of 300 USD.

Additionally, all those who fancy having close encounters with the Gorillas must be free from any infectious diseases.

This is emphasized to ensure that you don’t spread the diseases to the Gorillas as there are closely related to human beings.

Where to go for Gorillas.

While in Rwanda, the only place to go for Gorillas is Volcanoes National Park. This protected area is situated in the northwestern part of Rwanda.

It takes about 1-2 hours for the drive from Kigali city to the park’s headquarters in Kinigi. Volcanoes is home not only to Mountain Gorillas but also the pretty Golden monkeys and five of the eight Virunga volcanoes.

Is it possible to do a one-day Gorilla Trek?

With Rwanda, this is very possible, but you must arrive in Kigali a day before. If you are to do a one-day Gorilla trek in Rwanda, expect to wake up early in the morning and start the drive from Kigali to the park offices in Kinigi, Musanze district.

You have to get there before 8:00 am for the briefing conducted before the trekking excursions commence.

Best time to see Gorillas in Rwanda.

The best time to see Gorillas in Rwanda depends on the weather conditions. The activity is often more perfect when there is limited rainfall. Don’t risk to arrange the Gorilla tour in the wet season and here are some of the reasons.

During the rainy season, it’s very cold in the Jungles, Gorillas don’t move. Sometimes it may be hard to locate the Gorilla family you are tracing for.

If not that heavy rains can limit you from doing the trek on the day you are supposed to. A season when there are low rainfall rates is the best. The months for this season start from June to Mid-September.

Can I trek the Gorillas alone?

Yes, you can provided that you can pay for all permits for the group that is meant to see a gorilla family per day. A group of eight people is allowed to see one gorilla troop a day.

If you are lucky you can trek the Gorillas alone without paying for the eight permits if this happens (on a day when there is only one person who is interested in seeing the Gorillas).

Currency & Language used.

The national currency of this country is Rwandan francs, but some international currencies like the US Dollar, Euro and Pounds are accepted. Most Rwandese speak Kinyarwanda and French.

There are now adapting to English, that’s why a plethora of English teachers (Volunteers) drop in from the United Kingdom and other countries to teach the young ones how to write and speak this language.

Is it Safe to Trek Gorillas in Rwanda?

Without a doubt, Rwanda is safer for Gorilla Trek. If you are tasked to list the most stable and secure countries in Africa, Rwanda in the eastern region can’t miss.


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