Rwanda: A Land of New Beginnings


Rwanda is a place of new beginnings. It is a place where, despite a bitter past, people look to the future while remembering history in order that it isn’t repeated. It is a country full of wonder, amazing wilderness, awesome wildlife, and kind – hearted people.

Akagera National Park is one of those new beginnings. In partnership with African Parks, Rwanda successfully restored the formerly degraded habitat to savanna-rich and wooded landscape teeming with elephant, lion, rhino, and more. Tourists who visit Akagera often speak about how the landscape and the high volume of wildlife breathed new life into them.

An increase in the number of endangered mountain gorillas is also a new beginning for Rwanda, not to mention a reason to hope for the future of an imperiled species that almost went extinct. Thanks to Rwanda’s commitment to conservation, the mountain gorillas are making a comeback, and the people who visit often book day gorilla safaris to Volcanoes National Park in order to see these shy, gentle apes up close.

There is also Gishwati Mukura National Park, which is home to a number of forest species such as chimpanzees, golden, blue, and L’Hoest’s monkeys, and a number of other smaller animals, not to mention the prolific bird life.

Rwanda is a country that cannot be missed for anyone looking to have the perfect African safari. The people are wonderful, the wildlife is well protected, and the country continues to build for a better and brighter future.

When you arrive to the Kigali City there is the way you feel, the beautiful landscapes are so amazing and from airport to your hotel of residence in Kigali you can witness that heard before that this country is smart. The city is very organized and the people are united and busy on their work place.

What i have forgotten to tell you, is that the city has got so many new hotel developments that have made the city a hub of hospitality. Right from luxury to budget hotels are available, for all our tours in Rwanda we always offer price categories to our travelers and then we leave the decision to them to decide one of interest to stay and then we provide the choice.

With the introduction of the Kigali Convention Centre and the Kigali Arena, the MICE tourism is promoted and if it was not the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the world the Common Wealth Meeting (CHOGM) was to take place in the area.

Again, from the good business situation in the country has attracted the international chain hotels to open doors in the country. Among the hotels include the Haven Retreats, Marriott, Onomo Hotels and these are found on the undulating and beautiful hills of the Kigali city.

Further more, with the launching of five star lodges like Singita, One & Only Resorts, Bisate in the outskirts of Musanze province where the Volcanoes National Park is found and daily loved experience is mountain gorilla trekking experience. Rwanda has rebranded as a new luxury destination in the East & Central Africa.

Therefore, anyone planning a five star gorilla trekking experience, think no any other destination but Rwanda. The development of the above mentioned safari lodges, all luxury travelers visit Rwanda and here they can do various luxury safari packages that come with exclusive and behind scene gorilla trekking experiences.



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