Murchison Falls National Park, Foot Rhino Tracking & Jinja Holidays


Murchison Falls National Park is the country’s largest Uganda National Park measuring approximately 3,840 square kilometers.

The park is located in Masindi district in western Uganda and in Amuru in Northern Uganda, together with the neighboring Bugungu wildlife reserve and Karuma wildlife reserve.

Murchison Falls has a lot to offer to any traveler taking safaris in Uganda from Chimpanzee tracking, boat cruise, to the bottom of the falls, Delta cruise in search for the shoe bill stock, safari game drives, water falls hikes, walking safaris, bird watching and much more.

An adrenaline adventure also awaits you in Jinja with a rafting adventure and many other activities.

The best part of the park is the northern bank because the number of wildlife seen in the open Savannah in the morning.

We stayed at Paraa Safari Lodge located right at the river banks with perfect views of animals coming to cool stay at the best lodge located for early morning game drives.

It is spectacular to see the Murchison falls from above where the Nile is forced through a narrow gorge.

Our safari trip started from Entebbe International Airport, upon arrival meet and greet by our safari guides Emma, Gorge, Moses, and Martin and drove us to our accommodation  HB Russel hotel in Kampala for overnight stay.

Very early in the morning after breakfast, we set off from Kampala for Murchison Falls National Park. We drove via Luwero, Nakasongola and Masindi district.

On our way to the park, we broke off the highway to visit the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary to track Rhinos.

The safari moves on to the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary where guests learn to track rhinos with one of the rangers.

We spent 2 to 3 hours trekking and admiring rhinos. After the experience we had lunch and continued with our journey to Murchison Falls National Park arriving in the afternoon, once in the park itself we were stunned by the immense number of animals particularly antelopes and warthogs.

We then crossed the Nile River by ferry for checking at Paraa Safari Lodge. And we opted for an evening game drive via the northern bank of the park.

During the safari tour we saw an abundance of game such as warthogs, water buffaloes, antelopes, variety of bird species, elephants, and giraffes among others.

Doing a game drive safari is the Ultimate thing to do and launch cruise which takes you about 10 kilometers up the Nile to the base of Murchison Falls.

This exciting game drive offers you variety of animals like the Jackals, hyenas, giraffes, lions, antelopes, elephants, and Uganda Kobs among others.

We then had a lunch break and in the afternoon we took a boat trip to the bottom of the falls to view animals like the herds of hippos, crocodiles, elephants, water buffalo and plenty of birds that were seen like the purple heron, the squad heron, bee eater and so many others. We returned back to our lodge for dinner and overnight.

We made a boa trip to the falls and also we made the walk to the top of the falls. On the boat trip you can see lots of animals and water birds like many species of kingfishers and hippos of course.

The views of the falls from the boat are stunning but when you go for the walk to the top of the falls were the world’s longest river explodes violently to plunge into a frothing pool 43m, the rainbow, the roaring sound, awesome work of nature.

The walk is fairly though the path is narrow at some places but when your condition is ok, it is within reach to do it. From the top you get amazing panoramic pictures from the falls, the River Nile and the whole area.

If you are interested in see primates, there is a chimpanzee trail also at Murchison called the Budongo Forest where you can go on a trek inside the forest with a tracker and a guide. This is a beautiful experience too.

After a half day in Murchison travel back to Kampala and continue to Jinja at the source of the Nile which was discovered by John Hanning Speak.

A very beautiful and quiet place with fascinating tropical plant trees, the river flows from south to north towards the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt. The Nile in Jinja is awesome and rafting is the most highlight to a trip in Jinja.

The following day we enjoyed wild water rafting along the source of the Nile, and if you have never rafted, all the training and equipment is provided on the day and if your above 16 years of age and above.

This experience is not something to miss if you are able to take part. You can start planning and do it yourself.


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