Karoo National Park

This is a unique park of its own in all the parks of South Africa due to its greatness in holding the largest number of ecosystems; the park is a wildlife reserve in the Karoo region around the Western Cape. Though it is a semi-desert area, it covers an area of 750 km². The park is separated by the great escarpment forming the lower Karoo and the upper Karoo. Lammertjiesleegte plains of the Lower Karoo remain a great game drive place.

The game drive runs to the south-eastern course across the plains to the beginning of the Klipspringer. The middle portion of the park, to the west of the Klipspringer Pass circular route, can’t be accessed without a 4×4 wheel vehicle, and covers an extensive area, which favours game viewers within the Park. The park is a sanctuary for herds of springbok, gemsbok, cape mountain zebras, cape, red hartebeests, black rhinoceros, eland, kudu, klipspringer, bat-eared fox, black backed jackals and ostriches.

The park has got the greatest number of tortoise species of any park in the world five in total hence setting it a unique park of all, the mostly endangered and poached Riverine rabbits can also be seen here. Great number of  Verreaux’s eagles with their nests on the cliffs of the Escarpment including the  Martial eagles ,booted eagles plus the shy Cape eagle-owl can be found here in the park. The parker is also a birder’s paradise due to some registered bird species that occur here.