Table Mountain National Park

Table mountain national park was formerly known as the Cape peninsular national park and it’s found in the Cape Town. The park was proclaimed in 1998 by the then president Nelson Mandela and the major aim was to protect the South Africa’s’ natural environment. The park is also outlined in the UNESCO Cape Flora Region World Heritage Site.

The park is among the seven natural wonders of the world and it has become a haven of plunging mountains into the seas with white sands at the cape peninsular. It’s also a home to an amazing 8200 plant species of which around 80% are fynbos, plus CFK kingdom which is traced to one continent and it can only be seen here in South Africa.

Many of the plants that occur here are endemic – that means that they occur nowhere else on earth except here in table mountain national park. In addition, there are around 1,406 threatened plant species, 300 of which are endangered.