Self Drive in Africa – New Travel Concept!


As the name suggests, a self-drive safari means that you are very much in the driver’s seat. You take the wheel of a vehicle and drive out into the wild on what is typically a no-frills camping safari.

we are committed and focused on handling all the travel needs of any tourist planning to visit the African continent, we didn’t only mean that we work on tourists on a pre – planned safari to Africa. We have also created a section where we handle those tourists who would love to drive themselves on the safari (self-drive safaris in Africa).

Apart from those high-class tourists who enjoy seating back in the safari vehicle and enjoy the watching the wildlife as they are being driven by the tour guide, there are also those safari diehards who love to be in privacy and they would love to drive their safari vehicle.

We offer 4×4 car rental campers. These usually have everything you need to be entirely self-sufficient, including a rooftop and/or ground tent or a pop-top with rooftop sleeping area. They also have fridges, a gas stove, cooking equipment and cutlery, bedding, camp tables and chairs.

Here you’re paying both for transport and accommodation in one hit. In such cases, the only additional costs are campsite (and national park) fees and food which you can buy at a supermarket, both of these additional outlays are generally cheap in most African countries.

This form of traveling is far easier to arrange in Africa. At the upper end of the self-drive market, there are options for those who want the best of both worlds: to experience the thrill of driving off-road, stay in more luxurious lodges and tented camps, and let someone else make all of the arrangements.


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