7 Things To Know Before You Visit Uganda


Every traveler wishes to spend his or her time in a destination that is exceptional and comforting.

This is why Africa is often crowded with a thousand of trippers from different parts of the World. Reasons are many that tourists prefer the African continent.

Some of them are unique wildlife, rich culture and history, engaging local life, favorable climatic conditions and luscious food.

The list of breathtaking destinations in Africa is endless, but if you fancy unmatched adventures and intriguing experiences, never miss Uganda “The Pearl of Africa”.

This eye-catching dot welcomes a plethora of holidaymakers per year. If you are amongst those who are planning to delve into its unending charms, make sure to know about these useful points listed below.


Uganda hides in the Eastern part of Africa. It shares borders with Kenya in the East, Rwanda in the south-west, Tanzania in the South, South Sudan in the north and Democratic Republic of Congo in the West.

Where to Land.

For now, Uganda has only one international airport. If you are travelling to Uganda from other parts of the World, don’t expect to land anywhere else if it is not Entebbe International Airport.

This land space is about 35 kilometers in the Southwest of Kampala, Uganda’s capital. Once at the airport, you can get from there by an airport taxi or arrange the transportation with a local operator, relative or a friend if you have one.

Things Required for Entry Permission.

In the past, only three documents were needed for entry permission. These are a valid passport, yellow fever vaccination card and the tourist visa.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, the PCR test certificate is now added to the list of things required. The testing must be done in a legit laboratory and show that you are negative.

How to Travel around Uganda.

There are several ways of traveling around Uganda, but the best is to use a local tour operator like Uganda Tours.

This company major in customizing best tour packages that will show you what this destination has to offer. If you wish to unearth the destination on your own, then you can hire a 4×4 vehicle and discover hidden natural wonders.

There is a Wealth of Attractions.

If there is a destination that has endless draws, it is Uganda. In simple terms, you can call it a true delight for tourists of varying interests.

Whether your interest is Wildlife, Culture, nature, history, scenery, adventure excursions or delicious cuisine, there are all in presence.

It is only time to limit you, but you can’t finish all the attractions. The list of must temptations includes the rarely seen species of Mountain Gorillas.

Get to Know about this.

Apart from a wealth of attractions, Uganda has other things that won’t make you miss it. These are welcoming locals, favorable climatic conditions, ease of accessibility, stable security and Impeccable hospitality services.

Its Cuisine is delicious.

If you are foodie, be sure to taste Uganda piquant dishes. The list is endless and some of the dishes try to include a plate of matooke and rice served with fish or beef, a bowl of Katogo.

Katogo is of different versions like a mixture of chopped cassava with beans, matooke mixed with intestines topped with Irish and some greens to name but a few.

Uganda’s food is served in all eateries. For a better experience make sure to visit a local market. Most markets are dotted with hundreds of food stalls that serve local food at affordable prices.


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