A Remarkable Guide to Gorilla Trekking in Africa

Gorilla Tours in Uganda

Gorilla Trekking in Africa (Uganda, Rwanda & DR Congo)

Do you need to do gorilla trekking in Africa? Uganda, Rwanda, or DR Congo are the best destinations for you. These countries hide in the eastern and central parts of the continent.

The gorilla trek is a reason alone that tourists save money to do an incredible adventure safari in Africa.

This activity grants travelers a chance to meet the rarely seen species of Gorillas in their natural habitats.

Gorillas are one of the world’s most liked animals. There are big enough with thick fur.

These herbivorous creatures are of two species (Eastern and Western Gorillas) with four subspecies named Cross River, Mountain, Western lowland, and Eastern lowland Gorillas.

If you are one of those who would like to engage in this activity make sure to read through this guide before you contact an operator to customize for you a Gorilla tour in Uganda, Rwanda, or DR Congo.

The information highlighted below is great to help you do proper arrangements.

It includes the best time for this excursion, major requirements, costs involved, places to visit for these creatures, and things to come with for a successful Gorilla trekking adventure.

How to Plan/ Best Time

The first thing to think about is when is it feasible to visit Gorillas in the Jungles? Gorilla trekking is available all year round but it is a myth to say that you can have victorious adventures every month.

It depends on the season and this pursuit is more rewarding when you choose to do it in the months which experience low rainfall rates.

After the best time, go on and research about the things necessary for a gorilla safari, expenses and select your destination of interest.

Getting to Africa from other continents like Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Australia is only by plane. The cost of flight tickets varies according to the operator and time.

Things Needed for a Gorilla Tour

Adding to the travel documents that the tourist visa, passport, yellow fever, and Covid-19 vaccination cards, there is another thing you must buy and this is a gorilla permit.

This card issues you permission to visit the apes in the Jungle. It is valid for use by one person on the respective booked date.

When the date for your card reaches and you fail to show up, it becomes invalid and the money paid is non-refundable.

Besides the permit, another thing to talk about is the age. For anyone to trek Gorillas in Africa, you must be fifteen years and above.

Where To Go for Gorillas

Once you head to East Africa you find two countries that welcome tourists for Gorilla encounters.

These are Rwanda and Uganda. If not in the Eastern region you can visit the central part to see Gorillas in the vast Democratic Republic of Congo.

Popularly known as the pearl of Africa, Uganda is a must-visit. It has numerous parks which delight tourists with diverse wildlife including Mgahinga and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, the major home to Uganda’s mountain Gorillas.

Both parks occupy part of the land in the western region of Uganda and offer adventurers remarkable gorilla trekking encounters.

Rwanda is another appealing destination to explore. Travelers on Rwanda tours visit Volcanoes National Park to see Gorillas as they enjoy life in their natural homes. This protected area is situated in the northwestern part of Rwanda.

Apart from Gorillas, Volcanoes Park houses multiple allures including the pretty Golden monkeys, Dian Fossey’s graveyard, and five of the eight Virunga volcanoes.

If you prefer to enjoy a Gorilla trekking experience cheaply, DR Congo is the number one answer for you. This nation is located in Central Africa and has two parks that shelter two different Gorilla species.

Virunga, the oldest national park in Africa is home to the species of Mountain Gorillas and Kahuzi Biega accommodates the species of Eastern Lowland Gorillas.

The Cost of a Gorilla Permit

Prices for a gorilla permit in the three destinations for gorilla trekking differ.

In Uganda, this card costs $700 per person, $1500 in Rwanda, and 400 USD in the Democratic Republic of Congo. When you compare all of them, DR Congo appears to be cheaper.

Permits are only issued by the responsible authorities. Uganda Wildlife Authority is responsible for Uganda gorilla permits, Rwanda Development Board for Rwanda, and Virunga Foundation for DR Congo.

To make things simple and moving be sure to reserve your permit through a local operator.

Dos & Don’ts

Among the dos, while in the presence of the Gorillas you can take photos and videos of these animals but cameras with the flashlight are not allowed.

The don’ts include no touching the gorillas without permission, avoid eating in front of the gorillas, keep your voice at a low tone while in the jungle, don’t run after them, don’t litter the park, and be a distance of seven meters from these apes.

Lastly, if you have any signs of infectious diseases like flue you are not allowed to visit these creatures.

What To Pack for a Gorilla Safari

Other than the required travel documents and the permit, there are other personal gadgets you must come with such as strong hiking shoes, gloves, long-sleeved shirts, and trouser, shocking, insect repellents, hats and sunglasses, good quality cameras, extra storage cards, chargers, waterproof bags, and jackets.

Don’t forget some snacks and leisure time devices like music players, tablets, personal computers, and more.

Is a Multi-country Gorilla Trek Possible?

Rwanda, Uganda, and DR Congo share borders. Rwanda is near Uganda in the South and DR Congo in the west. Therefore it is possible to do a combined Gorilla trek in the three countries.

You can start from Uganda cross to Rwanda where you continue from to DR Congo via the Goma border.

If you want to have a close look at the Gorillas, don’t delay to contact Gorilla trekking tour to arrange for you an adventure of a lifetime.


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