Rooftop Tent Car on Overland Tours in Kenya

Enjoy Overland tours in Kenya with the rooftop tent cars are exceptionally memorable in such a way that you will really feel the wild to a greater extent than when you stay indoors, in the luxury accommodations. Therefore, 4×4 Car Hire Kenya offers unrivalled overland self-drive trips throughout all Kenya’s touristic destinations. Travel with the experts so that you leave the country with a very great experience. Most important, an overland tour in Kenya with a rooftop tent car is so cheap, easy and very convenient and of course very exciting, adventuring Kenya’s top attractions.

Kenya boasts very many amazing destinations with top attractions not only in the country but also Africa wide. The Masai Mara National Park is next to no other national park on the continent when it comes to wildlife safaris. The Park is so extraordinary and incomparable, only in the same league with Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park with which they host the unique wildebeest migration, as several wildlife species migrate, in large numbers, from the latter Park to the former in search of virgin pastures in July to October, annually.

The two Parks are in the same eco system with no boundaries separating them, thus enabling animals to cross the borders freely at any time. Hell’s Gate National Park is another fantastic destination to visit on an overland trip in Kenya with a rooftop tent car.

The Park is the location where the famous American Adventure Film, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life, was shot from. Besides that, the Park is also compacted with many wildlife species and birds to adventure. You can also visit the Amboseli National Park to adventure the many free-ranging elephants in the Park and all the big five. Other destinations in Kenya are; Nairobi National Park, Tsavo East & West National Park, Buffalo Springs and Samburu National Reserves, and very many other attractions.

Driving yourself in a rooftop tent car on an overland trip offers a lot of freedom when exploring Kenya’s various touristic destinations. The cars are mechanically fantastic and very comfortable on both the unpaved and asphalt roads. The cars are really comfortable, equipped with mini refrigerators and much other useful equipment to ensure you get a fantastic overland trip in Kenya with a rooftop tent car.