What To See & Do on safari in Uganda

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Uganda is a most popular country found in the Eastern part of Africa and it has several places to go for adventure. On your Safari in Uganda vast and wide range of Tourist attractions will be in contact with you by use of eyes, fingers and foot.

How to reach Uganda? Uganda is located in the African Continent which is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the West, Indian Ocean in the East and Mediterranean Sea & Red sea in the North in general this continent is surrounded by water. When you are from any other continent but willing to join Africa you may use a ship by use of water transport means or use an Aero plane. But using an Aero plane is more convenient and time saving. Therefore when you are planning to visit Uganda you will board any Aero plane from your country heading to Uganda and you will arrive in at Entebbe airport and after there transfer to your hotel of residence.

What to do in Uganda? Uganda as a country it has several destinations to visit and this is why it’s called the Pearl of Africa, visiting these destinations you will do some of the activities listed below:-

Gorilla Trekking & Habituation.

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This is the mostly wanted activity which entitles you to visit these shy endangered Mountain Gorillas in the Mist. Gorilla Tour is only done in Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga National Park which are located in the Western part of Uganda. This activity requires you to buy a permit which issues you permission to visit these apes and it costs $ 600 USD per person in the peak season and $ 450 USD per person in the low season and once money is paid its non refundable. You are given only one hour to stay in the presence of these apes while sharing with them.

Gorilla Habituation experience is only done in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, it goes for a full day while with these apes in the jungle. The permit for Gorilla Habituation costs $ 1500 USD per person.

Chimpanzee Tracking & Habituation.

Chimpanzee Tracking in Kibale

This is another activity you should not exclude in your bucket list while in Uganda. It’s mostly done in Kibale Forest National Park which is located near fort portal town, the permit for Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale costs $150 USD per person, in Queen Elizabeth National Park costs $50 USD and that of Semuliki National Park costs $30 USD per person.

Chimpanzee Habituation experience is only done in Kibale Forest National Park and it also goes for a full day, the permit costs $220 USD per person. You can also do Chimpanzee feeding in Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

Golden Monkey tracking & Experience.

Golden Monkey Safaris

Golden Monkeys in Uganda are found only found in Mgahinga National Park and the tracking plus the experience is done there. Golden Monkey tracking costs $50 USD per person and the experience costs $100 USD per person

Bird Watching.

African Shoebill Safaris

Uganda has a wide range of different bird species which are spotted in different sites, while in Uganda you can be able to spot different bird species in different destinations like Queen Elizabeth National Park in the Ishasha sector, Kyambura gorge and more, Semuliki National Park, Lake Mburo National park, Kibale forest in the Bigodi Wetland, Mabamba in Entebbe and more. These bird species are mostly spotted while on Boat Cruise, Game drive and Nature walks and its usually advised to birders to go for bird watching either in Morning or evening time.

Batwa Cultural Tours & Experience.

Batwa Cultural Tours in Mgahinga

These tours are done mainly by visiting the Batwa people in their local communities and experience their cultural ways of living through engaging in their cultural dances, use their tools like knives for peeling Matoke, Cassava and more. These people are found in Bwindi impenetrable, Mgahinga National Park, Semuliki and lake Bunyonyi but the Batwa Cultural experience is only done in Mgahinga National Park and it costs $80 USD per person

Boat Cruise.

Boat Cruise in Queen Elizabeth National Park

This activity is mostly wanted by the visitors to Uganda and it’s mostly done in Murchison Falls National Park on Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth National Park along the Kazinga Channel, and Lake Mburo National Park on Lake Mburo and this is usually a good chance for spotting different bird species and other wildlife primates.

Game Drive.

Game drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park

This is usually done in different National Parks in Uganda for spotting different Wildlife Primates like Elephants, Tree Climbing Lions, Zebras, Chimpanzees, Buffaloes and more. Game drives are usually done around the park.

White Water Rafting in Jinja.

White Water rafting in Jinja

On your Safari or holidays in Uganda don’t miss out Rafting in Jinja along the Waters of river Nile or you can also do it in Murchison Falls National Park along the great Murchison Falls.

Mountain Hiking Tours which are only done in Mountain Elgon and Mountain Rwenzori national Park where you hike these Mountains up to the top.

What to see in Uganda? As at the start told you that Uganda has several destinations to visit with different attractions to see like the Shy endangered Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzee, Golden Monkeys, Black & White Colobus Monkeys, Batwa people, Rhinoceros which is among the African Big fives, Murchison Falls, Tree Climbing lions, Male & Female Hot springs, different bird species like the shoe bill, Zebras and other wildlife primates.



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