Iles Ethotiles National Park

Iles Ethotiles national park is located in the south-Como region near the lagoon of Aby between the cities of And & Adiak. The park is made up of six Islands including Elouame, Bosson-Assoum, Assoco-Monobaha, Balouate, Niamouan and Mea islands all of them being found on the lagoon covering over 550hactares without the other channel of the lagoon. The park was fully established in 1974.

This park is divided into two zones with one being the islands of Assoco-monobaha which includes the islands of Assoco, Balouate, Elouame, Mea and Niamouan and all these five islands are found in the estuarine zone forming a delta before the mouth of the lagoon complex Aby. The second zone being composed of Bosson Assoum Island which is located in Oligo-haline zone and it is in between the Tendo and Ebrie Lagoons.

The park is covered by a dense mangrove forests and a diversity of wildlife with migratory rodents, Manatees and aquatic species. The park is associated with sub-equatorial climatic conditions with an average annual temperatures of 26ᵒC, the average annual rainfall ranges from 1800-2000mm with two rainy seasons and two dry seasons,

The cemetery of the kings, the cantons dating from the 17th century, the places of rituals, the guns dating from the colonial era, are all sites around this area. Aby lagoon is one of the largest waterways in Ivory Coast and it is fed by mainland waters from the different rivers of Bia and Tanoe.

Due to the park’s mangrove forest, it is said to be a breeding areas for a group of species, the park is a haven for bird life with over 128 bird species and a remarkable wildlife. The park is also a habitant to the numerous aquatic species. The park also hosts large number of forest dwelling mammals including bush pigs, rodents, duiker’s elephants, lions hence bringing in a true story of the park origin.