Langue De Barbarie National Park

LDB-NP is located in the southern end of the peninsula covering an area of 2000 hectares and it’s a home to a diverse bird species. The Langue de Barbarie National Park lies south-west of the Guembeul Avifaunal Reserve, about 25 km from Saint-Louis and it is characterised with a number of features including turtles that gather around the park to breed.

The park is a zoned site is close to the town of Saint-Louis and as a result of this it attracts significant numbers of tourists and birdwatchers and photographers

Park Attractions

Intertidal flats and sand-dunes, which are 20km length that were formed across the mouth of the Senegal River, this consists of marine and riverine waters. The park’s terrestrial part was formed by three important islands including, Lle de Gandiole which is the largest in all.

Birdwatchers, from November to April a number of migrant species from Europe starts occupying the park to join the already resident bird species, Grey-headed and Slender-billed gulls, pelicans, herons, egrets, terns, ducks and flamingos are seen around the park. On top of the birds sandy peninsular can be explored on foot, but a motor boat when used gives a nice stunning experience.

Campement Ocean and Savane, is where visitors can obtain accommodation associated with its own beach and pretty log cabins that sits on stilts over the River Senegal. The food here is reputed to be excellent. Private transfers can be arranged to various locations in the park by motorised pirogue or other small boats.