Niokolo – Koba Park

The park was initially gazetted as a reserve in 1925but later it was declared as a Senegal national park in 1954 though at first it was small, it was expanded in 1969. The park was listed as a World Heritage Site in 1981. The park is located in the upland region towards the Gambian River in the north-western border of Guinea. It covers 9130km² and its altitude ranges from 16m-311m high.

The park is a great natural habitat for savannah woodland and the climate is semi-arid with large wooded wetlands of which some are seasonal wetland. The park has got over 1500 plant species. The park contains over 1500 species of plants and 78% of the gallery forest in Senegal, trees such as herbaceous savannah, and overgrown grassland with Paspalum with bamboo inclusive

Animals such as over 20 amphibians, 38 reptiles,  and over 60 species of fish, the park has also got over 11000 buffaloes, with over 6000 hippopotamus, over 400 western giant eland, elephants, common duikers,  lions, water bucks, west African wild dogs, over 150 chimpanzees, African leopards, red Colobus monkeys. Other noted mammals include the roan antelope, green monkey, warthog, Guinea baboon, and Patas monkey.

The park is a dwelling place for over 330 bird species hence being one of the best birding destinations within Senegal. Arabian Bustard, Abyssinian ground horn bill, black crowned crane, Bateleur, white-faced duck and Martial eagle are among the key species observed daily here. It’s the birder’s role to come along with nice cameras to the park for a memorable experience.