Entebbe City

Entebbe is a unique city and probably it was the capital city of Uganda before Kampala, Entebbe is located in central Uganda and it’s on the shores of Lake Victoria peninsula and it is approximately 45km from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. Entebbe is in the south west of the city and this is where Entebbe International Airport is located, this is where also the State House is located which is the official residence and the office of the republic of Uganda.  The city has got varied tourist attractions including beaches and the state house plus UWEC, beaches at Entebbe includes.

Zika forest

Zika forest is found in Entebbe and it’s a tropical rain forest, literally Zika means “Overgrown” in Luganda language and, this forest is a protected property of Uganda Virus Research Institute and it is more important for scientific research. The forest is protected and conserved on 62 acres of land extending nearly to Waiya Bay swamp near Lake Victoria, the forest is well known for its greatest level of ecosystem with a biodiversity of plants with over 40 types of mosquitoes.

The swamps surrounding the forest are habitats of crocodiles and the different types of grass land, the forest is composed of over 140 wooden plants, 60 moths’ types, snakes, mosquitoes, monkeys and these forms one of the best tourist attractions in the forest and it should be planned on your trip to Uganda. The forest has got exclusive mature trees and bird watching from this forest is one of the best experiences.

This is where the school children conduct tourism from due to the existence of a tall research tower raising at 40m above that was established within this forest. This will enable you to have a clear view of the surrounding features and wildlife found here in the forest. Though the place is reserved for scientific research, it is also accessible for bird viewing and it was once visited by the former president Jimmy Carter who came for birding activities. The different viruses including Milocera Zika and Sidisca Zika moths. It is from this forest where the Aedes Mosquito was first spread to the monkeys and later to human beings.

The Ngamba Islands Chimpanzee Sanctuary that is situated into Lake Victoria and here you find the rescued chimpanzees from some of the encroached corridors in North western Uganda and here you experience the chimpanzee feeding sessions and today tour operators offers excursion tours in Uganda from Entebbe and those with more days in Entebbe you can take an overnight stay at the island tented camp and from here you enjoy bird watching.