Makgadikgadi Pans National Park

This is found in the north eastern savannah grass land of Botswana, the span is one of the largest salt spans in the world and it was formerly Lake Makgadikgadi. The span covers a total area of 3900km², the only plant life here at the park is the layers of blue-green algae and  a little wildlife also do exist here during the harsh dry season since the place only has salt water.

The main entrance to the Park is between Maun and the town of Nata on the Francis town road and visitors are advised to drive 4×4 vehicles to the park.

During the rainy season, the park and the pan at large becomes a visiting place for the migrating animals including wildebeest and the Africa’s biggest zebra populations and other large predators that feeds on them. During the wet season, birds such as ducks, geese and Great White Pelicans populate the area and visitors enjoy the beautiful sounds and voices produced by the different bird species.

Among the many things to do in Makgadikgadi Pans National Park are Safari rides,

Game drives, Wildlife includes eland, lions, zebras, cheetah, gemsbok, springbok, red hartebeest, bush buck, giraffe, steenbok, elephants and many more which can be spotted in the park. 4×4 wheel cars are used within the park during the time of game drives and all this can be organized by Nature Adventure with the country partnering tour companies.

Bird watching, even though birds can be seen anywhere in the country, visiting the park becomes a better bird-watching scenery. However the greatest number of birds may be seen between October and March in the migration period as the park receives frequent rains during this period. Some bird species include Pel’s Fishing-Owl, White-backed Night Heron, Short-clawed Lark, African Skimmer, Rock Pratincole and Swamp Boubou.

Tour of the Gweta, where the national monuments that were constructed in the Baobab format that were set up in the 19 century by the hunters and traders including some of the noted ones such as Fredrick Thomas Green plus Hendricks Matthys Van Zyl.

Makgadikgadi Pans National Park accommodation ranges from budget, affordable and luxury tented camps and lodges