Bamingui – Bangoran National Park

Bamingui-Bangoran National Park is located in the northern part of Central African Republic and it includes Vassolo-Bolonature reserve, Sangba River and the faunal reserves forming the complex biosphere reserves. The park is found near the town of Ndele and bordered to the west by Chad. The park has got two seasons whereby the rainy season is May to October in the southern areas of the park while June to September is the wet season in the northern areas.

The park has got several perennial rivers and water streams such as Bamingui River flowing into Chari River and its vegetation is mainly savannah woodlands with dry deciduous tree. The park occupies a total land area of 1200km²


This site is also an important bird area in Central African Republic with more than 350 recorded species of birds of which 250 are resident in the area. Notable species include Heuglin’s Francolin, wood dove, fox kestrel, western bronze napped pigeon, Guinea Turaco, eagle-owl, lovebird, cuckoo, Bee eater, blue bellied roller, African pied horn bill, barbet, woodpecker, paradise birds and sun birds among many others.

Some of the mammals in the park include the leopard, African wild dog, cheetah, lion, antelopes, African manatee and many others. There are also more than 15 species of amphibians in the park.  This park is recorded to have a larger population of wild animals than the other national parks in Central African Republic.