Ifrane National Park

Ifrane National Park is located in the Middle of the Atlas mountain range, in Morocco. The park occupies the Western part of the Middle Atlas Mountains including the provinces of Ifrane and Boulmane. The park was established in 2004 and it occupies a total of 125,000 ha.

This park gives visitors a chance to see one of the largest cedar forests around the world here in morocco. This is the reason as to why the it’s preferred by most visitors volcanoes, stunning lakes, and rugged plateaus also makes the park one of the most preferred parks.

The Berber villages are also found within the park offer to the visitors an option to enjoy the culture and surroundings of the villages, entertainments from the natives and also participating in spot of dinner and some mint tea.

What to See and Do

The park acts as a habitant for the endangered Barbary macaque plus a number of rare bird species hence rendering bird lovers an opportunity to enjoy the fascinating wooded forests and easy hiking trails. Picnics and day trips, fishing on the lakes and the Cross- country Skiing during the winter season.