Analamazaotra National Park

This is the park with the rarest Madagascar indri which is said to be the largest lemur plus the wail which is heard emanating from the forests by the visitors early in the morning and throughout the day. For researchers, there are over 60 species of indris, Besides the indris, visitors also gain a chance of seeing woolly lemurs, grey bamboo lemurs, red-fronted lemurs, black-and-white ruffed lemurs and diademed sifakas and this is considered to be one of the biggest lemur species in Madagascar.

Goodman’s mouse lemur was discovered here at the park. Colourful Parson’s chameleon and seven other chameleon species are also found here and this has made the park a unique of its self.

For birders, the park has got over 100 bird species which have been identified in the park plus some other 20 species of amphibian. The park is also home to the endemic palm tree Ravenea louvelii, found nowhere else on the island. Due to the Fact that the parks is too small, capable visitors can cover the park in one day with short walks which leads visitors to the amazing wonders in the park including the two small lakes,  Green Lake and Red Lake.

The park has got four organized walking trails which are too simplified going. The easiest and mostly popular trail is the Circuit Indri 1, which includes the main lakes and the boundaries of a single family of indris plus the moderate Circuit indri.

The Circuit Aventure does the entire above, plus some more enjoy full walking. Join these circuits together for an 8km trail of about six hours. The Palmier Circuit (2km, 1-2hours) is specially designed for children and takes in palms, orchids and two indri families.

The best time for seeing and hearing indris is always early in the morning, from 7am to 11am; it’s noted that this is their ideal time to enjoy the greatness in their territories.  From July to October is the Madagascar’s tourist high season where many tourists flock into the country to enjoy the uniqueness within the park.