Zanzibar Tourism

Nungwi and Kendwa beaches, Nungwi is considered as the third largest settlement town around Zanzibar and it is found in the northern region of the island. Nungwi beach is ranked among the 42 beaches along the coast by CNN with a better view of sunset, white sands with an ample space for taking photos including other activities such as White-Sailed Dhows. This will enable you to enjoy the blue waters of the ocean as you relax around the amazing island.

Kendwa beach is another way to go though it is small in the western side of the coast, here you will see the tiniest island of Daloni plus a large island of Tumbatu. a wide range of water sports and things to do, including scuba diving, Jet Ski and paragliding along with other activities such as volleyball, craft lessons or the local village tour. Do you prefer five star resorts around, and then here you go, a number of resorts including Essque Zalu Zanzibar, Diamonds La Gemma Dell’Est plus Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort. Many restaurants, massage parlours, coffee shops and bars along the waterfront can also be accessed while at this beach.

Spice Plantation Tour, a great number of large plantations around Zanzibar gives you the right answer as to why this place became a one stop centre for trade during the 18th century, this is another interesting activity while at Zanzibar since some features here are not found elsewhere on the African continent. Take a look at the Vanilla, Green Pepper, Cloves, Cinnamon and other plantations and here you will be given an opportunity by the producers of the spices to sample the already produced products.

Prison Island, Changuu prison is found 6km in the northwest of Stone town and it is more of historical, this place offers you a reason as to why you travelled to Zanzibar due to the great attractions around the area including a large population of tortoises and the engrossing Slave Trade Museum, from here you can participate in tortoises feeding which is always done in the afternoon time. Some of the tortoises here are said to be of over 180yrs old. This island was also used by the Arabs as a detaining place for the slaves that contributed to the construction of a prison by the British though it was later abandoned.

Snorkeling, here you travel along the crystallized water of the ocean in the traditional Dhows, you will have a nice fun with the boat crew and though the trip is somehow slow, you have to be patient since you will have much to learn during the process as you will have great opportunities to take photos, this can be combined with a trip to the Mnemba Atoll where you will get chances of seeing the Dolphins with coral reefs , at this island you will just take a look at it while in the Dhow since it’s a private island though you can jump off from the boats into the waters, maximum expertise is required here while diving into the waters. This is a cheap trip for sure since you will get all the content of the day.

Stone Town

This town can be a precious place for you after taking time around the northern ends of the Island, the place is quite a busy place and therefore expect much more while here including the various coffee shops, art galleries and fabrics stores, the place is a wonderful area for nature walk as this will enable you learn the different cultures of the Zanzibarian nationals as you will experience the local life within the home away from home.

The House of Wonders, indeed this is a home of wonders as the place is unique of its kind, a large traditional Swahili boat known as “Mtepe” if found here plus the two 16th century bronze canons that were captured from the Portuguese, along here is the good architectural of the palace of the former sultan of Zanzibar though it was later turned into a National Museum of Culture. This makes a place worth to visit while on your trip in this unique environment away from the mainland.

Slave Chambers and Old Fort, this is found around St Monica’s Hotel and the Anglican Cathedral, here you get to know the historical events that occurred during slave trade era. The slave chamber is another place to visit while on you tour including the Old Fort of Zanzibar, this impressive structure that was constructed in the 17th century by the Oman Arabs as they wanted to reduce and defend themselves on the attacks from the Portuguese.