Busoga Culture

Busoga is among the top kingdoms with a unique cultural cerebrated by every Musoga and Lusoga is the language that unites everyone from the region, the Basoga are united under one kingdom with a cultural setting with a number of developmental programs. These are mainly settled in the eastern region of Uganda and Busoga region is separated by River Nile from the Central region with Buganda being their immediate neighbors.

Busoga kingdom is a well established kingdom with a royal king who is known as the “Kyabazinga” with a prefix of “Isebantu” as another symbol that shows that their king is “a king who brings all the people together”. Before the British, Busoga had no well established leadership and after the country was turned into a British protectorate there were needs to create a great administration format and therefore chiefs were appointed in Busoga who constituted the Lukiiko “council”.

Semei Kakungulu was appointed by the British and this became the first Busoga leader despite of the fact that he was from Buganda though he never got the kingship title. This later collapsed as the Busoga chiefs continued to protest against Kakungulu as they couldn’t allow somebody from Buganda to be their leader. This saw Chief Yosia Nadiope who was from Bugabula that was groomed by the colonial ruler was made to be the first Ruler of the Busoga federation, however Nadiope was stroked by Malaria that saw him dying in 1913 and Prince Zibondo of Bulamoji was seen as the heir to the throne due to his education background.

In 1918-1919, Busoga became a fully fledged kingdom which saw the creation of the title of Isebantu Kyabazinga, the wife to the Isebantu was named as Inhebantu and the first king to enjoy the title was King Wako who later on became a member of the Uganda Kings Council in 1925 comprising of other kings from Bunyoro, Toro and Buganda. Therefore, Busoga kingdom council or the Lukiiko resolved to always elect the Kyabazinga of Busoga from the five lineages of the Baise Ngobi and this was the adopted method used to replace kings within the kingdom of Busoga unlike to that of Buganda which is hereditary.

Busoga has got a number of attraction including,

Budhumbula shrine/palace, the former Kyabazinga of Busoga Sir William Wilberforce Kadhumbula Nadiope who died in 1976 used to stay here, the place has got a shrine covered by a wonderful marble with fascinating designs. This is where other members or the royal family were rested hence a place being an attraction centre. This is also accompanied by the Bugembe Palace where the current Kyabazinga stay

Kagulu Hill, the Basoga from Bunyoro Origin who were led by Prince Mukama settled at this hill, while at this hill one can have a stunning view of almost the entire Busoga with a breathtaking background. To ease visitors from all the tiresome hills, this hill is unique since it is the only hill where steps were constructed up to the top to facilitate its climbing by the various visitors. After hill climbing, clients can be entertained by the various groups of dancers who perform the Kisoga traditional folk songs and dances hence making the region a better place to pay a visit.