Kruger National Park

This is ranked among the largest national parks in south Africa with 19,485km² located in the province of Limpopo and Mpumalanga in the north east of South Africa. Visitors are received from the park headquarters at Skukuza. This was gazetted in 1898 but later was turned to be the first South Africa national parks in 1926 and it’s recognized by the UNESCO as an international man and Biosphere reserve.


The park has a record of about 517 species of birds found at Kruger; about 253 are permanent residents, 117 non-breeding migrants, and 147 nomads. The park has got also six large species which are protected and stay in Kruger national park and other extensive conservation areas. These have been have been assigned to a fanciful grouping called the “Big Six Birds” these includes the Lappet faced vulture, Martial eagle, Saddle billed stok, Kori bustard, Ground Horn bill the Pell’s fish owl.

Game viewing

The park has got all the Big five animals and it is noted for having more species of large mammals than any other African national park (at 147 species). Game viewers get a chance to see the lions, leopards, elephant, buffaloes and rhinos at the same pace within the park. The park also conserve the Little five including the Buffalo weaver, elephant shrew, Leopard tortoise, Ant lion and Rhino beetle. Besides game viewing, visitors on research may also enjoy the five trees such as the baobab, Fever tree, Knob thorn, Marura and Mopane.


Over 50 fish species are found in the park and these include the Zambezi shark, Carcharhinus leucas, also known as the Bull shark which are caught at the confluence of the Limpopo and Luvuvhu Rivers. Zambezi sharks tolerate fresh water and can be found along river Limpopo within the park.