Mont Sangbe National Park

This is also found in Ivory Coast and it is listed as a “Principle National park of the world” by the Britannica Encyclopaedia. It was established as a national park in 1976 and its located in the Mountains of Mont Du Toura, the park is associated with a range of mountains in its east and it is bordered by Sassandra River. The park covers a total land area of 950km² and it is in between Biankouma and Touba.

Its characterised by with savannas vegetation with annual average rainfall of 1350mm. The park has got a rugged terrain mostly in its eastern end, there are two categories of savannah found in the southern part of the park, the park has also got well drained soils with a number of principle trees but its northern region is somehow dry with Sudanian woodland and this is where the Isoberlinia Doka tree is found in its abundance.

Geographers who visit the park can enjoy the large granitic inselberg that is associated with other peaks around that reach the 700m above the sea level with populations of elephants, warthogs, antelopes, buffaloes and monkeys. Other mammal that are seen from here includes sooty mangabey, king colobus, western palm squirrel, Maxwell’s duiker, red-flanked duiker, African bush elephant royal antelope, Bohor reed buck, kobs.

Visitor to the park can also enjoy seeing the two conserved crocodiles including the Slender-snouted crocodile and the Dwarf crocodile