Visit Rwanda: Luxury Destination in East Africa


Rwanda is a better country for luxury adventurous destinations and a better country to give a visit because you will get a luxury tour not only in transport but also in the field during your tour plus the accommodation itself.

All the beauty of Africa and the whole world is expressed in Rwanda thus equipping a great experience if you visit Rwanda.

Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Rwanda is found in East Africa which is the only Part of Africa plus Congo in Central Africa to protect the rare endangered Mountain Gorillas however it is only in Rwanda where you can get to explore and see these Mountain gorillas on a luxury tour with no additional prices.

Unlike other two countries (Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo), Rwanda has a direct and affordable flight which flies direct from UK to Rwanda thus making the access to these endangered primates to be easy and simple.

Putting aside the direct and affordable Rwanda Flights but also accessing Rwanda’s most attractive and adventurous places (Volcanoes National Park, Akagera National Park and Nyungwe Forests National Park) is easy and luxury on its own.

The roads which link you to the Parks are all tarmac roads and are in a very good condition thus making the access to the Parks very easy and simple regardless of any season whether dry or rainy. The Park is two and half hour drive from Kigali city.

Bisate Eco Lodge in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Mountain gorillas in Rwanda are found in Volcanoes National Park of which tracking in the forests of Volcanoes is also somehow luxury since its forests are not too thick that you will be disturbed when tracking.

On gorilla trekking safaris in Volcanoes you will always be accompanied by the well-trained rangers who will be helping you to have a great tour in the Park thus making the tracking simple and luxury since the Park ranger will at least guess where the primates would be depending on where they were left in the recent days.

Gorilla tracking in Volcanoes will start with the briefings which take place from the Park’s head offices at 07:00am where you will be told the rules and regulations you will follow during the tracking and then later you will start the tracking at 08:30am.

Good and luxury lodges also exist in the Park hence making Volcanoes national park a luxury destination in Rwanda and some of them include; Virunga lodge, Bisate lodge, Mountain gorilla view lodge, Jack Hanna’s guest house and Bishops house plus many others.

Akagera National Park is another luxury destination you should prolong your tour to after the visitation of Mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park.

In Akagera you will have a sight to all the big five Africa’s wildlife which include Lions, Elephants, Buffaloes, Rhinos and Leopards plus a variety of other wildlife however you will also have a sight to over 400 different bird species possessing a brilliant and beautiful view to your eyes.

Good tarmac roads from Kigali city will link you straight to the Park’s headquarters and while in the Park, its roads are also tarmac thus easy accessibility and making the tour luxury.

The Park has a luxury lake known as Lake Ihema where you can also visit and have a holiday after the tiresome activities in the Park.

From the Lake you will get involved in many luxury activities like luxury fishing, boat cruises where you will be able to see crocodiles, hippos and aquatic birds as well.

The park consists of good and luxury accommodation such as Ruzizi tented camp and Akagera game lodge. The Park is too close to Kigali city of which it is only a two and half hour drive from Kigali.

One and Only Nyungwe House, Nyungwe Forest National Park, Rwanda

Nyungwe Forest National Park is also a luxury place though it is 7 hours drive from Kigali city unlike the Volcanoes and Akagera which are both two and half hour drive.

Good tarmac roads will be used from Kigali city to the Park where in the Park you will see a variety of wildlife of which most of them are primates like chimpanzees of which the tracking of chimpanzees is the main activity which drives most tourists to go and explore the Park however other primates include; golden monkeys, blue monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, grey cheeked monkeys, L’Hoest’s monkeys plus many others.

The Park is also home to 32 amphibians, 38 reptiles, 85 mammals and over 275 bird species and the 13 species of primates in the Park makes it to be 25% of Africa’s total number of primates.

Good accommodations in the Park which include One and Only Nyungwe House, Nyungwe Top View Lodge and Gisakura Guest House makes tourists who visit Nyungwe to have a luxury tour.


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