Western Area National Park

This is also known as the Western Area Peninsula Forest Reserve, it is located on the western coast of the country occupying about 17000hactares with pure forest. The park has got a number of rolling hills with the highest peak having 971m. The park has also got a pristine forest with enough wildlife board rendering the park an option for visitors.

This is considered to be part of the upper Guinean Forest Ecosystem and its gifted with pristine beaches, lush rain forest, breath-taking, steep mountains plus the long standing cultural history from over 1.5 million people who live around the park. This is the eighth biodiversity hot-spot and it holds around 80% country’s terrestrial biodiversity.

This is where visitors enjoy the park since the coast meets the mountainous forests. Beaches are spread over the coast and these offers a relaxing point to both local and international visitors who wish to hide from stress. In addition to this, the park is host to the Free Town which is a historical palace and recently the capital city of Sierra Leone. Since the park is located in a historical place, it acts as an attraction to the researchers since the place acted as a slavery free area that was first gazetted for fled slaves