10 Tips For A Successful Safari Trip In Uganda


Having a victorious holiday is always a dream for every travel addict.

There are several destinations that trippers visit to have some beautiful moments. One of those favorite travel spots you shouldn’t miss is Uganda.

Located in the eastern region of Africa, this place is a true delight for travelers with differing interests.

Whether you fancy wildlife, nature, culture, history, food, hiking adventures, or relaxed getaways, there are all available.

You just need to plan well and prepare for an incredible holiday in this pearl of Africa. Highlighted below are some of the points you should consider first.


Safari Planning

Decide on the travel dates

Search for a reputable tour company

Book your flight ticket

Choose the best Itinerary

Arrange with a local tour operator

Specify all the things you need

Confirm in advance


Get Ready for Your Trip

Pack lightly. Don’t travel with heavy loads. This will turn into a burden to you. Choose a light bag and include light clothes and shoes. Make sure to leave some space for things you buy as souvenirs.

Test for Covid-19. This is a major requirement if you need entry permission. The results should be negative and done within 72 hours of arrival.

Don’t forget your travel documents. Besides the Covid-19 certificate, you must present three other documents and these include a valid passport, yellow fever vaccination card, and tourist visa.

Bring the back up medicine. Visit your doctor or hospital in your location for some medicine to use in case you fall sick.

It is bad to take medication that isn’t specified by your medical officer especially if you have a special disease.


How to Enjoy the Adventure

Engage your driver-guide. Local tour guides in Uganda are friendly and welcoming. Try to ask him or her any question you would like to know about the country.

Be active. Have enough sleep at night such that you don’t dose during the day. You need to be active such that you enjoy everything in the nation’s tourist spots.

Don’t forget your leisure time gadgets. Apart from clothes, be sure to pack some gadgets like a personal computer, phone, tablets or mp3 music players.

Seek for more. Don’t be lazy, yarn for more while in different places like National parks. Tell the driver to let you know if there is something exceptional.

Try numerous things. There is plenty of activities to enjoy while on a Safari in Uganda. Don’t stick on one thing.

If your interest is Gorilla trekking in Bwindi, you can add on other activities like Batwa trail experience, golden monkey tracking, chimpanzee tracking, and more for a remarkable tour.

Be Part of the local experiences. Participate in local experiences like cultural dances, singing, culinary adventures, basket weaving to name but a few.

Karamajong Local life experience

Top Activities to Do

Meet the Apes. A Uganda Safari isn’t complete without a Gorilla Trek in Mgahinga or Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

This expedition awards tourists a great opportunity to meet these rarely seen animals in the Jungles.

Only a group of eight people visit one gorilla family per day. This excursion requires a permit that allows adventurers to spend one hour with the gorillas.

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Golden Monkey tracking. If you love primates, Golden monkeys are one of the species you must not miss.

These animals are herbivorous in nature and mostly live in the mountainous bamboo forested areas. In Uganda, these creatures only reside in the notable Mgahinga National Park.

Chimp tracking. Other than Gorillas and Golden Monkeys, Chimpanzees are other reasons for a primate safari in Uganda.

These animals inhabit the lush vegetation of Kibale Forest National Park. This protected area is home to over thirteen primate species. Therefore it’s not surprising that tourists call it the nation’s primate capital.

Boat Cruise. If you love to appreciate views of the country’s scenery from the waters, a boat cruise is for you.

The Pearl of Africa has various spots for this breathtaking expedition. The list encompasses Lake Victoria, Kazinga channel in Queen, Murchison falls, Lake Mburo, and Bunyonyi.

White water rafting. This is a dream activity for adventure junkies. Uganda is one of the best destinations to visit for an incredible white water rafting experience in Africa. It takes place in Jinja along the waters of the River.

Game drives. For wildlife addicts, this is a must for you. It grants you a chance to see multiple wild animals from the viewpoint of a Safari vehicle with a pop-up roof.

Some parks to consider for this are Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo, Kidepo Valley, Semliki, and Murchison falls National Park.

Birding. If birds are a reason alone for your holidays to various countries, Bird watching should be first on your bucket list for Uganda. This nation consists of several birding spots that feed birders with multiple unique species.

Mountain Hiking. If birding doesn’t appeal, Uganda is also famous for mountain hiking. Travelers have excursions from the country’s different venues like Mountain Rwenzori, Elgon, and the three volcanoes in Mgahinga National Park.

Rhino Tracking in Ziwa. Rhinoceros is one of the African Big Fives. These animals are called so because they were difficult to hunt on foot.

For those who love them, don’t miss Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. The tracking session lasts for a period of one hour.

wildlife viewing


Where to Go on a Uganda Safari

Are you visiting Uganda for tourism? These places detailed below are for you.

National Parks. Over ten parks dot various regions of the country. These protected areas house a myriad of species including wild animals, primates, apes, reptiles, birds, plants, and insects.

If you are after game viewing, Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls, Kidepo Valley, and Lake Mburo are the best to spend some good time.

Primates reside in Budongo forest, Kibale, Kyambura gorge, and Kalinzu forest reserve. Bwindi and Mgahinga are ready to welcome those who visit Uganda for mountain gorillas.

Game Reserves. Besides parks, Uganda has many reserves that play host to different wildlife species. The only things you can’t find in these protected areas are the Gorillas, Rhinoceros, and some wild animals.

Sanctuaries. Other interesting places you can check out on a wildlife safari are the sanctuaries.

Uganda has only two of them named Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary and Ziwa the only residential area for Rhinos in this nation.

Cities. Another thing you shouldn’t miss is the lively cities. There are many, but the most appealing is Kampala.

It comprises not only the engaging draws but also some spots that are great for those who enjoy the nightlife.

Historical sites. Aside from the parks and cities, Uganda has something for those who are fanatics of history.

The list of these iconic places includes the national museum, kasubi tombs, and the royal palace of the Buganda kingdom to name but a few.

Religious sites. Make sure not to ignore the places of worship. These venues occupy some areas in the suburbs of Kampala.

You can visit the Bahai temple, Rubaga and Namirembe cathedral, Gadhafi mosque, and more.

Gadhafi mosque

Is Uganda’s Accommodation worth it?

The answer is yes. This country is listed amongst the top destinations with the most appealing hospitality services in Africa.

It is home to all accommodation facilities including a budget, mid-range, and luxury properties.

Accommodation in Africa

Transportation in Uganda

While in this nation you can use public or private means. For tourists, only private transportation is allowed.

Local tour operators provide this service at competitive prices. Tourists travel comfortably in Safari cruisers and vans with pop-up roofs.

Game drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park

What about Food?

If you are a foodie don’t miss to taste Uganda’s local cuisine. Multiple eateries serve these delicious dishes.

Don’t wait to visit one for a great culinary adventure. The best places to check out for this experience are the markets.

Karamoja Food Tour


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