Chobe National Park

Chobe national park is located in the republic of Botswana, it’s found in the north of the country and its nearing the inland of the Okavango delta. The park was established in the early 1967 and it cover an area of 11700km² and the park is prominent for its greatest number of herds of elephants with an estimation of over 50000 elephants almost the highest number in Africa. These are Kalahari elephants characterized by brittle ivory and short tusks.

The park doesn’t only harbour the Africa’s largest number of elephants but even some buffaloes are seen wandering outside the park boundaries near Kasane, the park also has got lions and leopards which are good to the visitor’s sightings.

Visitors can also at a glance have a look at the hippos and the abundant crocodiles around the river banks most especially river Chobe its self, on top of that, the inconceivable wealth of bird life species including those which are rare also offers an opportunity to the photographers to exercise their skills around the park.

Boat cruise, visitors can’t have a complete trip to Chobe minus engaging in a boat cruise not on this amazing calm river. This is the greatest opportunity visitors can have regarding bird watching lovers since most of the birds spend their nights and days around the river shores including the most valuable park’s wildlife from the different angles. Photographers take spectacular images of the vast herds of elephants on the river’s lush green banks and islands including across the rivers.

Mokoro canoe excursions on the Delta and even white water rafting trips on the mighty Zambezi can also be organised by Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited depending on the visitor’s budget.

Fishing is another activity which is enjoyed by the visitors within the park; this is done at Chobe River which is blessed with the different fish species hence making it a popular fishing destination. Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited in conjunction with the local people can arrange on request leisurely fishing trips including the equipment which are used in the activity. Legendary Tiger fish as well as several species of bream can be caught from here.

Accommodation around the park is not a major problem due to the fast growing number of fantastic accommodation options ranging from camping sites with good amenities in and around the town of Kasane, wild mobile bush camps and remote luxury lodges also offers visitors an option to reside around the park while enjoying the wild environment.

For any of your accommodation preferences, Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited is there to meet your requirements with most accommodations being found around Chobe and Kasane rivers offering  visitors chances to see vast number of wildlife both in and out of the water without leaving the comfort of the veranda.