Congo Gorilla Binge Experience


Welcome to the Virunga National Park, the oldest park in Africa. This park as for so many times been visited by a lot of tourists from the whole world.

Though in May 2018 this park experienced the militia attack to the British tourists, it has been on hold of client’s pack list to visit in 2019 and on wards.

Today,  the Virunga Foundation in promoting tourism in this park has initiated a new gorilla experience “the Gorilla Binge” – this will involve a couple of nights in Kibumba Tented Camp visiting Baraka and Bageni gorilla families and then move across to Gatovu and overnight in the forest with the rangers in a little Fly Camp and then visit the second Congo gorilla habituation group and Kabarsi.

Thereafter, walk to Bukima point visiting Nyakamwe on the way. Spend a couple of nights in Bukima Tented Camp visiting Humba, Rugendo and Munyaga. In this way people can see eight of our gorilla groups found in the Virunga slopes of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Therefore, tourists interested to take this unforgettable gorilla expedition contact us and our travel experts will provide you with the detailed Congo gorilla journey with the quotation depending on the number of people in the group.

The park is still doing well in the conservation programs of the mountain gorillas at the Senkwekwe gorilla orphans’ sanctuary.

They are loving their new enclosure, they have now got 45 hectares to play in and are learning to feed naturally, climb trees and have discovered chimps, which neither parties are totally happy about.

We have had 7 new baby gorillas born into our habituated groups since January, which is fantastic. With 12 babies last year 2018, our growing gorillas’ population is on track and we expect to serve the tourist highly.

Now for all traveling to Democratic Republic of Congo are advised to book in low season where we shall be offering gorilla special trips and the prices are totally discounted and this year 2019 from the 15th of October to 15th of December 2019.

Though nowadays all tourists visiting the Virunga National Park are limited to stay at Kibumba Tented Camp and Nyiragongo Shelters on Mikeno Mist package, soon the

Mikeno Lodge and Bukima Tented Camp will reopen on the 01st July 2019 so guests will be able to visit those lodges on the Petit Virunga, Virunga Classic and Great Ape packages from that date on wards.

Therefore, those interested to relax at the Tchegera Tented Camp after the Congo gorilla and Nyiragongo Trek Adventure you are welcome as the camp is open!

The Ngila Lodge is built as we speak and it is located in the gorilla sector and will be opening on the 01st October 2019 and this is put up to increase the high number of room availability for the tourists visiting the park this year and on wards.


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