Loango National Park

Loango National Park is located on the Atlantic coast of Gabon, in Central Africa and it covers a total land area of 1550km² of land and it was established mainly with an aim of protecting the wilderness areas of beach, forest, savannah, and wetlands found around the Iguela Lagoon. Loango national park is also termed as the “Land of Surfing Hippos” by both men as it was termed by Michael Nick from National geographic. There are number of activities which can be done in this national park and these may include

Sport Fishing

Many visitors enjoy fishing mostly at the point where the lagoon empties into the ocean, this has got a number of game fish making it an ideal spot for fishing, however in the park is the small lagoon which is a great place for fly fishing but this point is only for Loango Lodge clients. Sport fishing types done from this park include spinning/plugging, fishing with natural baits, trolling, surf casting, and fly fishing among others.

Fishing around the park is done from boats, the beach and wading depending on the client’s preference and location and fishing is done in two shiftsperday.

Whale Watching

This is mostly enjoyed by visitors during mid July to mid September, during this period; humpback whales visit the coastline of Loango National Park. To enjoy whale watching, visitors use boats with skipper escorting the visitors hence making it a fascinating activity with other playful mammals. After South Africa, the world’s largest concentration and variety of whales and dolphins can be found right off the Loango coast

Game Drives Boat Safari’s

4×4 wheel vehicles are the ideal ones within the park and this offers the best way to watch the park and its wildlife such as buffalo, elephant, red river hogs and sitatunga. During the rainy season which is always November to April, the park is also a ideal place to visit since many mammals roam around the beach. Enjoying sun downers while on a tour of the lagoon is an added service to the visitors and others enjoy personal contacts with forest elephants on the Akaka River.

Gorilla Trekking

Western lowland gorilla are primate of exceptional size and strength, these have got distinct characteristics among which includes possessing no tails and have jet black skin along with coarse black hair that covers their entire body except for the face, ears, hands, and feet. The male gorillas are called “silver backs”.

These stay in groups and the male silver back plays a role of protecting the entire family, trekking is the best way of enjoying these gentle primates within the park and all trekkers are escorted by the park rangers for emergency purposes and guidance.