Know These 6 Points Before You Hire a 4×4 Car in Uganda

Car Rental in Uganda

Renting a car in Uganda for self-drive is one of the best and cheapest ways to explore or travel around the Pearl of Africa.

Located in the eastern part of Africa, Uganda has a lot for tourists who seek thrilling allures to appreciate while on an incredible road trip in Africa.

This country is near Rwanda in the southwest, Tanzania in the south, South Sudan in the north, Kenya in the east, and DR Congo in the west.

Adding to a wealth of attractions, Uganda has many things that favor tourists from various corners of the planet.

The list includes ease of accessibility, stable security, good climatic conditions, welcoming locals, great transportation, and topmost lodging facilities.

If you are one of those who hope to hire a Car in Uganda, know these six points before you take a step forward.

Driving in Uganda

Uganda is one of the countries with great roads for self-driving in Africa. Drivers in Uganda always keep left. All routes that connect Kampala to other regions of the nation are tarmacked.

The main highways to get you to the western region are Kampala – Masaka, Hoima road, Kampala – Mubende, and Kampala – Masindi.

To the eastern, you can use Jinja or Gayaza road. For those heading to the northern region, you can use Bombo or Jinja road. If you wish to drive on murram roads you can only find them deep in the villages.

The speed limit is 80km on highways and 50km in urban areas. While in the city center or traffic congestion make sure to put on your central lock. For the rented car, you must stop driving at 7:00 pm. It is not safe for a tourist to hit the road at night.

Don’t leave your valuables in the Car if you have parked somewhere except when someone is remaining inside.

Besides that, most cities and towns in Uganda have roundabouts installed with traffic lights. Be sure to follow them, red means stop, yellow means get ready and green means to go.

Variety of Cars

Car rental companies in Uganda like 4×4 Car Hire Uganda have numerous brands of cars for hire.

The list indicates Toyota Rav 4, Land Cruisers (Prado, TX, TZ, and V8), and Nissan Patrol, Safari vans, Super custom, and Toyota Hiace, Safari Cruiser Extended, and Coaster bus as the favorite types of cars available to rent for a road trip in Uganda.

Some vehicles like the Coaster bus, Safari cruiser extended and Super customs are only hired out with a driver.

Apart from the Car, you can also hire Camping gear for your accommodation and a GPS. The travel map is provided free of charge.

Age & valid Driving permit

For anyone to be allowed to cruise your vehicle on roads in Uganda, you must be 25 years and above.

Another thing checked by the security officers along the roadways is the valid driving license. You must own one.

Terms & Conditions

Car rental agencies in Uganda have the terms and conditions which govern the rental.

To be offered a jeep for your holiday you must agree with these rules and sign the agreement provided in hard copy. Don’t forget to read through these terms and understand them before you sign.

Rental costs

The Rental charging is per day and the cost depends on the Car you are taking. The smallest vehicle is the Toyota Rav 4 and costs not less than 45 USD.

If you are renting the vehicle for the long term starting from one week, there is a 5% discount for you. The price for a car of your choice excludes fuel, this is important for you to know.

Payment method

For car rental, payment is usually made on arrival in cash. Some operators allow the use of master or Visa cards but make sure to ask before.

Book in advance and to be 100% sure of your reservation, don’t hesitate to make a deposit and come with the balance.


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