Katonga Wildlife Reserve

The Katonga Wildlife Reserve is a wildlife reserve in western Uganda, along the banks of the Katonga River. The reserve was established in 1998 and has approximately 211 square kilometers. Many of the species of plants and animals in the reserve are unique to its wetland environment.


The reserve is located in the Ibanda and Kamwenge Districts in western Uganda. In Kamwenge, it borders with the Biguli sub county and part of the Mpara sub county in Kyenjojo District. The reserve is approximately 200 kilometers, by road, west of Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. The reserve is best explored on foot or by river canoe. The Uganda Wildlife Authority maintains a camping site with guides and a restaurant within the reserve.

Katonga wildlife reserve is a habitat for over 30 species of mammals including the famous African elephant, water bucks, the Uganda Kob. It’s outstanding primate species are colobus monkeys and olive baboons. It also harbors over 140 species of birds which makes it one of the best spots for birding safaris in Uganda.

Katonga Wildlife Reserve is now a popular tourist attraction with a total of 68 impalas and 11 zebras which are enjoying the abundant pastures and water points. Katonga Wildlife Reserve which is part of the Kibale Conservation Area in Western Uganda with zebras and impalas.