Taba Protected Area

This was officially declared a protected area in the 1998, Taba protected area is located in the south Sinai governorate in Egypt. The part of the park is a desert and a natural heritage protected area with a total land area of 3595km². From Cairo to the protectorate it’s about 550 km, the reserve has got rare geologies plus some monuments which dates back for around 5000 years.

The protectorate has got wildlife with beautiful traditional heritage of nomads and some parts in the area have valleys which help to act as habitant for most of the wild life such as the deer, hyrax, Nubian ibex, wolf, hyena, and among other notable ones. There are some wild birds for the bird lovers and these include the Egyptian vulture, eagle Bearded vulture and the golden eagle on top of mountains.

The area is also a home to over 480 species of plants including the Ba’ataran, Ratam and Rimth and the acacia which renders tourist the most stunning environment suitable for every one after a wide day of animal tracking. This natural environment around the place offers a reason as to why many tourist book with Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited to enjoy the protected area in Egypt.

The area has got a vast number of water springs  which makes the area unique and these includes Hadra spring in Wadi Ghazala and Oum Ahmed spring in Wadi Elswana, Fortaga spring in Wadi Water, all these are accessible within the area. On addition to the hot springs, caves, desert landscapes, a string of steep-walled wadi’s and some mountains which are considered to have taken most of the part of the area gives tourists a nice experiential safari to Egypt.

Areas such as EinKhudra oasis, the White Canyon and the Colored Canyon register a number of tourists per year who engage usually in day A holiday to this place can be made even more special by combining with a relaxed stay on the beach of the Gulf of Aqaba and by adding to its adventure with snorkeling or diving at the coast.