Rwanda Genocide Memorials

The Kigali Genocide Memorials commemorates the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. The remains of over 250,000 people were kept here in the visitor centre, for students and those wishing to understand the history behind what led to the events of 1994 can obtain the information from this memorial. It’s found in Gisozi just a 20 minutes drive from Kigali which is the capital city of Rwanda.

This memorial centre is one of six major centres in Rwanda that commemorate the Rwanda genocide. Others include Murambi Memorial Centre, Bisesero Genocide Memorial Centre and Ntarama Genocide Memorial Centre and the rest at Nyamata and Nyarubuye. It’s estimated that over 800,000 people lost their lives during this event, audios and videos explaining visitors in the different languages plus other documentations were put in these memorials for easy understandings. Visiting these memorial sites is free of charge.