Encounter Gorilla Safari Holidays in Africa

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With so many dazzling experiences to discover in Africa, it’s difficult to know where to start from. The gorilla safaris tours has compiled some of our favourite things to do embarking on an African safari, from gorilla trekking to walking with the giants, which will help you create exciting ideas for your trip of a lifetime.

Are you ready for East African wildlife adventure? Game viewing in Savannah parks is naturally the number 1 activity guests would love to enjoy most. Welcome to the true home of the African safari. This is wild Africa, where wildebeest, shadowed by zebras, stampede in their millions across the earth, where lions, leopards and cheetahs, hyenas and wild dogs roam free in search of their next meal.

Chimpanzee and the powerful yet silent silver back male gorillas and their families withdraw into remote islands of forests. Such stirring scenes of life and death, such overwhelming images of abundances coexist with evidence of surprising fragility. To draw near to this wildness is to experience something so profound that it will live forever in your memory.

Below is an itinerary that samples the best of East Africa has to offer, to inspire your upcoming adventure to Africa, whether you are a first-timer who wants a traditional safari holiday, or an experienced safari goer who’s seeking more adventure and combining some of Africa’s best wildlife watching with beaches and the Swahili coast. To manage this itinerary in two weeks, you will need to travel some parts of the journey by air.

After arriving at Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro International Airport and then Arusha, head to Ngorongoro Crater for amazing, incredible natural drama as lions, elephants, buffaloes, ostriches and plains herbivores such as wildebeest, elands, buffaloes, zebras and reed bucks, graze and stalk their way around the grasslands, swamps and acacia woodland.

There are also leopards in the woodland, making is possible to see the full big five in a single game drive.

After then proceed to Serengeti National Park best known for the annual wildebeest migration, where approximately 1.5 million wildebeest, 200,000 zebras and over 350,000 gazelles trek across the landscapes in search of fresh water and grass. From the creeping lion prides and magnificent elephants, to elegant impala and over 500 species of fascinating birds, some of the best game drives we been on have been in this wonderful park.

The Western Corridor, close by to luxuriant private Grumeti reserves, is one of our favourite areas for seeing majestic game, and central Serengeti is constantly enticing animals with its verdant terrain.

From Serengeti, then hit the road out west to the peerless Masai Mara National Reserve. These haunting plains are a great opportunity to watch lions, leopards and cheetahs on a raid. We have been close enough to hear the crunch of a hyena biting into a carcass, or see the blood-splattered mane of a dominant male lion. Most predators don’t follow the migration as they must protect their home realm, so these exhilarating encounters occur throughout the year.

Then head straight out on safari again diving north to Lake Nakuru National Park for some more wildlife watching. Lake Nakuru is a destination that takes adventurous travelers off the beaten track to a world filled with rare rhino and stealthy predators. Lake Nakuru is one of our favourite places to see rhino.

Rhinos are the highlight and there aren’t many places in Africa where you can see both black and white species on the same game drive. In spite of the fact that, once famous for its huge populations of flamingo, sadly the number has started to dwindle, with the higher levels of water changing the alkalinity of the lake and reducing the algae on which these pink beauties feed.

After returning to Nairobi, again by road, take another short flight, this time to Amboseli National Park for peerless Mt Kilimanjaro views and some of Africa’s best elephant viewing. The fascinating scene is best at sunrise and sunset and there are a number of excellent camps that offer a view directly from your bed.

Amboseli is Kenya’s second most popular safari destination and it can get crowded during the summer days. I highly recommend overnighting in Amboseli as the evenings have a wonderful calm and there’s nothing like opening your luxury tents to the Savannah at dawn.


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