Andohahela National Park

Andohahela National Park is 40km north-west of Toranalo and at the southern end of the Malagasy Highlands. The park is shared three zones. The first one is the Malio which ranges from 100 metres to the summit of Andohahela peak at 1,956 metres; this section has a dense rainforest with more than two hundred of registered fern tree species, orchids, wild vanilla, lemurs plus hundreds of bird species.

The second Ihazofotsy-Mangatsiaka is entailed in a dry spiny forest with rare birds which are said only to be found here and reptiles in altitudes in between 100 metres to 1,005 metres at the summit of Vohidagoro peak.

The third zone section known as the Tsimelahy is mainly at an altitude of 125 metres (410 ft), this zone portrays a unique Ranopiso transitional forest, and is the only place where the three-cornered palm Dypsis Decaryi occurs naturally. The mountain found in this park forms an obstruction to the moist winds blowing from the east. This offers a reason as to why the area receives rainfall of 1,500–2,000mm per year on the eastern side.

Several circuits within each of the habitat types of the park can be accessed by road from the town of Tolagnaro. Detailed information on arranging trips is available from the tourism information office or from the Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited website or through the provided contacts on the website.