Mantadia National Park

Mantadia National Park with its 154 km², the Park was created in 1989 and its very close to the capital city of Madagascar and due to the good road condition, the park is accessed throughout the year round. Therefore visitors to Madagascar usually choose out to visit this amazing national park mainly to see the Indri calling. The main entrance to the park is just to the roads joining Tana and Tamatave and its just a 3-4 hours from Tana (150 km) and 5-6 from Tamatave (250 km) by car hence making up a full trip within the park.

The park contains a dense humid forest covered with lians, moss, fern tress and more than hundred orchids’ species exhibited mostly between September and January. Other plant species which are endemic to this park includes the pandanus, ravinala palm-tree, tambourissa and bamboos which facilitate scientific research from all visitors from the different countries.

The indispensable animal diversity within the park including the 15 mammal species including the Bamboo lemur, Diademed Sifakas, Black and White Ruffed Lemur, Eastern Woolly Lemur, Hairy-eared Dwarf Lemur, Fossa, Fanaloka, Ring-tail Mongoose, giant jumping rat and the Idris which is the most visited mammals within the park due to their beautiful enthusiastic songs they put on during the morning hour, afternoon and in the evening

More than 100 of birds for which many are endemic here such as the Madagascar yellow brow, Madagascar baza, Madagascar wagtail. Other bird species includes the Red tailed Vanga, Rufus-headed Ground, Malagasy kingfisher, African black Trip hammer, Heron white crabbier, Lesser Vasa Parrot, Madagascar kestrel, Madagascar green-pigeon and the Spectacled Greenbelt among others different bird species which can be enjoyed by the birders.

50 of reptile species can be spotted here in the park and the noted ones includes the  biggest chameleon of the island, the boa manditra and many leaf-tailed geckos which hide up on fig tree branches are the main reason as to why one shouldn’t leave Madagascar without visiting this park. To those wishing to have some fishing around the park can enjoy the local endemic fish that swim in the small rivers around the park.