Gombe Stream National Park

Gombe Stream National Park is located in western Kigoma one of the regions in Tanzania, its 20 km north of Kigoma. The park was established in 1968 and its one of the smallest national parks in Tanzania. The park covers 35 km² protected land along the hills of the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika. The land is characterized by steep valleys and the forest vegetation varying from grassland to woodland and then to tropical rain forest.

The park can only be accessed by boat; the location where the park is located is best remembered by Jane Goodall who pioneered her behavioural research she conducted on the chimpanzee populations. The Kasekela Chimpanzee Community plus other documentaries is found in Gombe stream National Park.

The diversity of Gombe national park makes it one of the popular tourist’s destinations in Tanzania. The park is mostly occupied by the chimpanzees but on the other side are the Olive baboons, blue monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, vervet monkeys and the red Colobus. All this offers a reason as to why visitors should go to Gombe national park with Nature Adventure Africa safaris Limited.

The park is a habitant to over 200 bird species and the so called bush pigs, occasional hippos and leopards and others species of snakes. The most done activity at the park includes chimpanzee trekking plus swimming in Lake Tanganyika and others enjoy snorkel around the lake with over 100 types of colourful Cichlid fish.