Visiting Uganda – The Pearl of Africa


To experience the real Uganda, I have always argued, one should spend as much time with the people there as one might in any of its beautiful national parks, game reserves, and other protected wilderness areas.

Nowhere else will you be able to get to know individuals who are, arguably, the most wonderful people on the African continent. Come 2022, we shall be leading a list of the amazing Uganda safaris offering culture, wildlife and primates in Uganda and please contact our travel expert and book your safari holiday.

Having spoken and listened to the Acholi, Banyankore, Batwa, Buganda, Bunyoro, Dodoth, and Karamojong peoples (amongst others), I can write, humbly and without reservation, that I have never been treated so welcomingly and warmly.

In Uganda, this beautiful Pearl that is but a small portion of the grand continent that is Africa, you will see, hear, and experience the many cultures and languages of different tribes who call this great country home. Yet in the midst of so many languages and songs, stories and experiences, in their hearts they are all Ugandans first. To hear one declare himself or herself a Ugandan is to witness an enviable, unparalleled pride.

Encountering the beautiful people of Uganda is such a special privilege. At the same time, the country boasts some of the highest biodiversity anywhere on Earth.

From the Big Five (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino) to its amazing landscapes, great apes, and awesome array of endemic and migratory bird life, Uganda rivals some of the more sought-after countries on the East African circuit, including and especially neighboring Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.

A short list of Savannah animals (other than the Big Five) includes quintessential African species like cheetah, zebra, giraffe, hippopotamus, crocodile, eland, bush buck, water buck, Kob, Oribi, topi, and Jackson’s harte beest.

At the moment, white rhinos can only be seen at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, but there are plans to reintroduce them to grand national parks like Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo Valley, Lake Mburo, and Murchison Falls National Park.

Uganda also boasts a number of primates such as black and white colobus monkeys, patas monkeys, olive baboons, red-tailed monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabeys, L’Hoest’s monkeys, and blue monkeys, and two species of great ape—the common chimpanzee and mountain gorilla.

Uganda is, in short, a wildlife paradise, a place where the people are proud, a true Pearl of the African continent. See the wildlife, visit with the amazing people, and go home a truly changed individual.


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