Two West Africa Elephants Trekking Through Africa

Wildlife in Kenya

In the tourism industry, several time we have had events whereby we have had so many travelers trekking this kind of experience from one country/region to another and by either walking, biking or driving with private or hired vehicles.

Today, the most experience that tourists do in Africa is the self drive holidays in East, West or Southern regions. This is much done with suitable roof top tent vehicles and this has made the experience amazing and so much affordable to every traveler.

The cycling and walking treks are always done in the one country. But in 2014, it was evidenced when the British explorer (Levison Wood’s) set out on the walk of a lifetime, a journey taking him through, at a minimum, six different countries, along the 4,250 miles of the River Nile from source to sea.

Levison Wood’s made it and he was able to trek in 03 East African countries from Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania and later he followed the River Nile to Egypt.

Therefore, from this experience we credit Levison Wood’s and his entire team to complete the challenge on foot. To read more about the Levison Wood’s experience here is the detailed guide.

As we still have Levison Wood’s experience, here comes the challenging event of the two West Africa elephant brothers trekking a journey through Africa.

The two elephant brothers left there home in Guinea to Liberia. Ever since these elephants left their home place no one knows where their journey ends “Tim Knight”- said


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