Addo Elephant National Park

This is a national park of wonders which is located near Port Elizabeth and counted one of the country’s big 19 national game parks. The overall size of Addo Elephant National Park is 686 000 hectares, which encompasses 164 000 hectares of land and a 120 000 hectare marine reserve. Stretching from past the shoreline near to the Sea in the east to the dry Karoo in the north-west.

Addo Elephant National Park centres on the Zuurberg Mountains and has altitudes that range from sea level all the way up to 1 000 metres above sea level. The Sundays River runs along the south-western boundary eventually reaching the sea at Algoa Bay. The park’s expansion programme has made it to be one of South Africa’s three largest game reserves, and the only one including coastline.

The summation of the elephants, lions, buffaloes, leopards  spotted hyenas, cheetahs, black rhinos, eland, kudu, warthogs, ostrich and the red hartebeest as well as the hippos makes the park to become a game reserve to be separated from the rest and this offers a beautiful scenery to the visitors though elephants remain the most attraction wild game in the park.