Mont Nimba National Park

This is a shared nature reserve found in both Guinea and ivory coast, is also listed among the UNESCO world heritage sites and a biosphere, over a total of area of 17,540 hectares, out of this, 12,540 hectares are in Guinea, and 5,000 hectares in ivory coast. Its highest peak is Mount Richard-Molard at 1,752 m (5,750 ft) and it’s regarded as the highest peak of both countries.

The park’s geography is characterised by a range narrow ridge which runs for over 40km long, since the park is mountainous, its occupies with a variety of other peaks such as Mont Sempere, Mont Pierre Richaud, Mont To and Mont LeClerc all in the Guinea reserve part. The park has got a Sub-equatorial montane climate with intensive temperature changes with 24-33ᵒC during day and 10ᵒC at night. The Nimba Range, as well as the reserve has exceptional microclimatic diversity.

The park has got over fifty springs that consist even the origin Cestos, Sassandra Rivers and Cavally, visitors can also visit the mines around the park where mining of quality iron-ore is done. This is a highly Nature Reserve within Guinea Forest of West Africa Biodiversity Hotspot with a great fauna and flora with over 2000 plant species.

This natural reserve has got also some West African loins, pygmy hippotamus, western chimpanzees which are seen using tools and stones around the park plus the zebra duiker. Its flora also makes it worth a visit due to the many Guinean forest- savannah mosaic, Guinean lowland forest, Western sudanian savannah plus the unique fresh water Eco-region.