8 Places You Must Visit on a Safari in Rwanda

Visit Rwanda

Tourists pack for other destinations to see something new and also have a break from the hustle and bustles of their home towns, cities, or place of work. There are thousands of destinations to explore around the World.

Everyone has a new destination to visit except for that person who has reached every place on earth. If you are a traveler and desire to uncover some interesting spots in Africa, be sure to start with Rwanda.

Renowned as the land of a thousand hills, this nation is small but packed with unique features to inspire you.

It is located in the Eastern part of the continent near Uganda in the north, Tanzania in the East, the Democratic Republic of Congo in the West, and Burundi in the South.

For your great Safari in Rwanda, below are the top places to include on your bucket list for this country.

Volcanoes National Park

Situated in the northwestern part of the nation, this park is the main turning point for most safaris to Rwanda.

It is home not only to the mountain gorillas but also to the Golden monkey primates, five of the eight Virunga volcanoes, and the notable Dian Fossey graveyard.

From Kigali, it takes about 1-2 hours to reach its headquarters in Kinigi by Car. It is surrounded by beautiful lodges of different categories reserved for tourists. Whether you need a budget, mid-range, or luxury category, there are all there.

Tourists visit Volcanoes National Park for Gorilla trekking, golden monkey tracking, and incredible hiking adventures.

Kigali city

This is the capital of Rwanda and ranks amongst the prettiest cities in Africa. It is just a few kilometers from the country’s international airport.

It consists of multiple engaging hotels, posh eateries, hangout spots, and tourist draws. It isn’t hard to understand why most tourists prefer a city tour before they leave for other localities.

Akagera National Park

If Gorillas don’t appeal, Rwanda is also famous for game viewing and Akagera National Park is the best place to go. It lies in eastern Rwanda.

The park’s Swamps, low mountains, savannah, and woodlands provide lush habitats to various species including wild animals, birds, insects, and aquatic species like crocodiles and hippos.

A game drive around Akagera exposes tourists to several animals like elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, zebras to name but a few. Another interesting activity here is the boat cruise along the waters of Lake Ihema.

Nyungwe Forest National Park

For primate trekking in Rwanda, Nyungwe remains the only option for you. Once you head to the southwestern part of the nation you find this park.

Its vast area of mountain rain-forest shelters different species including chimpanzees and the pretty colobus monkeys. Besides chimpanzee tracking in Cyamudongo, you can enjoy the canopy walk and nature walks.

Gishwati Mukura Reserve

Made up of two separate forests (Gishwati and Mukura), this park in northwestern Rwanda is another ideal stop for wildlife lovers.

Adding to 20 species of trees and thousands of birds, this protected area plays host to over 20 chimpanzees and other primates like the golden and blue monkeys. Another interesting draw here is the cascading waterfalls.

Lake Kivu

This is great for you to relax after the hustles of the Gorilla trek in Volcanoes or hiking expeditions. Lying on the border between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, this lake empties into River Ruzizi.

A cruise along its waters offers unending spectacular views of towering volcanoes, sunset/rise, and more.

Azizi Life

Do you fancy an insight into the life of the rural Rwandans and their families? This cultural center in Gitarama is for you. This great place exposes you to the real culture of Rwanda.

You engage in various local activities like farming, preparation of local food, craft-work like basket weaving, jewelry, pottery, and a lot more. This is a full-day experience and worth the money paid.

Genocide memorial sites

Moreover, visit the genocide sites for a glimpse about the tribal war which occurred in 1994. It was between the Hutus and the Tutsis.

Thousands of people lost their lives. Various memorial sites including the one in Kigali exhibit different actions that took place. There are showcased through photos and videos. Some survivors are also available to narrate what they went through.


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