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4x4 Car Hire Uganda

Book a 4×4 car hire in Uganda for gorilla tracking in either Bwindi impenetrable forests national park or Mgahinga national park. A 4×4 car hire Uganda provides good vehicles which are in very good condition for your gorilla tracking tours in Uganda and some of the vehicles offered by this company include Prado, Land cruiser, Super custom, safari van, Premio, Rav4 and Coaster.

Among the two national parks Bwindi and Mgahinga, you need to choose where to take your gorilla tracking from and tell it to the tour company for the best planning of your tour. The gorilla permit in Uganda costs US$ 600 at the headquarters of Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) in Kamwokya (Kampala). The company will book for you a gorilla tracking activity in that particular Park you will have told it whereby it will buy the gorilla permit on your behalf and on your arrival, you will just be given a vehicle and then go for the activity.

For the booking of your gorilla tracking activity, you are required to book for the activity at least three weeks earlier before you arrive in Uganda and you are recommended to pay at least a 30% deposit in order to secure your tour. You need to clear all the balances on your arrival in Uganda and later you will be taken to your booked vehicle which you will first test its condition before you take it for your gorilla tracking activity. For your tour to be a nice and better one, you have to know the condition of the vehicle you will be taking in order to avoid inconveniences on the way.

You need to have a valid driving license in order to be hired a vehicle from a 4×4 car hire Uganda for gorilla tracking in Uganda. If you decide to go for gorilla tracking in Bwindi impenetrable forests national park which is found in the western parts of Uganda, you will be able to track gorillas from four sectors of the Park because gorillas are tracked in four sectors such as Nkuringo, Rushaga, Ruhija and Buhoma.

Gorillas are tracked in four different sectors simply because there are various families of gorillas in Bwindi which are tracked in different sectors. Gorilla trekkers who make it to Bwindi will be able to sleep and live in good lodges and exclusive camps of the Park which include; Buhoma lodge, Buhoma community Banda’s, Engagi lodge, Clouds lodge, Chameleon hill lodge, Buhoma haven lodge, Silver back lodge and many others. Well as there is only one habituated gorilla family in Mgahinga national park known as the Nyakagezi.

To those who will wish to go there for gorilla tracking and trekkers will live in Gahinga lodge, Amajambere Iwacu rest camp, Mucha hotel and others. Lodges in both Parks consist of a restaurant, bar, swimming pool and free WIFI. Bwindi impenetrable forests national park protects over 450 mountain gorillas and Mgahinga national park also inhabits over 150 mountain gorillas.

However you need to know the rules and regulations which are followed before booking for a gorilla tracking activity in any of the two Parks which include; you need to maintain maximum silence and be calm while tracking them, gorilla tracking starts at 08:30am and lasts for 2-3 hours, a group of only 8 individuals per group is allowed per day, individuals above 16 years are only allowed to go in the thick forests for gorilla tracking, gorilla tracking is recommended for individuals who are physically fit and not sick because the activity is somehow challenging, no usage of flash light cameras during gorilla tracking, you are recommended to stay with the gorilla for only one hour and not exceeding that, don’t be too close to the primates while viewing them (a distance of at least 8 meters is recommendable), do not litter in the Parks and all activities are aided by a tour ranger.

For the toilet issues you are advised to dig a big hole in the forest aside from the primates and after disposing your wastes you are advised to bury them thoroughly well to avoid diseases like cholera which may infect the gorillas. Advance booking is always essential!!!


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