Gashaka- Gumti National Park

North-east of Nigeria in the mountainous region is where this great national park is found adjacent to the international border of Cameroon and Nigeria; it’s also in the north of Mambilla plateau. This is the largest national park among the Nigeria national parks and it covers an area of 6731km² of wilderness, the park derived its name from the historical and the oldest villages around the region with Gashaka village found in Taraba state and Gumti village in the Adamawa. These two were merged to form a national game reserve in 1991.

Footpaths pass through the forested park due to its remoteness, this goes through the mountainous forests. The park has got an abundance of wild animals with spectacular scenery. This is the park which has kept the Africa’ secrets of a true nature. Visitors to the park are able to enjoy lush forests, wide sweeping grasslands, cool highland plateaus, rugged moody mountains, abundant wildlife, and fascinating ethnic cultures, all combined within a single protected area.

The northern part in the Gumti sector has got a relatively flat with its space being covered by woodlands and grassland and the southern Gashaka sector being mountainous with rugged terrains. This rugged terrain is characterised by steep, thickly forested slopes, deep plunging valleys, escarpments and swiftly flowing rivers.

It’s from this park where the peaks of Gangirwal found in the southern sector of the park representing the highest mountain at 2400m above sea level is witnessed, this is characterized by savannah plains.

The park is unique of its own due to its vast sheering and its richness in the wildlife some of which includes the Adamawa mountain reed buck, in addition to Black-and-white Colobus monkey, baboon, warthog, Oribi, and klipspringer. The national park is also rich in games such as buffalo, lions, golden cat, leopards, wild dog elephants and the chimpanzees and the world’s largest Antelope just to mention but a few.

The park has got different types of vegetation zone including swamps, savannah wood land, dark lowland forest, montane rain forests strewn with ferns and orchids including being a distinctive community of plants. The largest river within the park harbours a variety of crocodiles, fish, it’s also considered to be the Africa’s most important bird area with over 500 species recorded, all these make the park worth to be visited in all aspect for a nice stunning adventure with Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited.