World Gorilla Day – 24th September 2020


September 24th is World Gorilla Day, commemorating the date Dian Fossey established her field research station, Karisoke, in Rwanda in 1967. Since then the mountain gorilla population has steadily increased due in large part to the work of conservationists, community members and local government partners. This success is a fragile one as numbers are still small.

In addition to conserving mountain gorillas in Rwanda, the Fossey Fund also protects and conserves the Grauer’s gorillas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. And while the endangered mountain gorillas’ numbers are on the rise, Grauer’s gorilla numbers are still declining and they are still considered critically endangered.  We cannot let up—when we protect gorillas, we are also protecting their bio-diverse forest habitats—the lungs of our planet.
This year we are asking you to GET INVOLVED, and there are a number of ways to support the ongoing and critical work of conserving gorillas!

BONUS… When you raise money for the Fossey Fund, you’ll get cool GORILLA SWAG!

It’s super easy to get started.  Just click on the link below to create your very own page and then ask your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc. to join in supporting you!

When you raise or give…
$100- get a gorilla dri-fit shirt
$250-get a gorilla dri-fit shirt and a Nalgene water bottle
$500- get a gorilla dri-fit shirt, Nalgene and a hoodie
$1000- get a gorilla dri-fit shirt, Nalgene, hoodie and a blanket

When you support the Fossey Fund, you aren’t just ensuring wild gorillas are around for generations to come, you’re ensuring that the lungs of our planet continue to support all life on earth.

Support the Fossey Fund—buy your gorilla t-shirt!


Don’t forget… you can get your World Gorilla Day t-shirt today!  By purchasing a limited-edition t-shirt, you will provide critical support to the conservation of wild gorillas.

This year our World Gorilla Day t-shirts feature historic gorilla Tuck. 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of her passing and her tremendous legacy continues on today! Tuck is the daughter of legendary matriarch, Effie, and mother of current silverback, Segasira. She was born into group 5 and was one of the last gorillas studied by Dian.

The Fossey Fund is seeing some success as the mountain gorilla population rises, but that success is fragile, and we must continue our daily conservation and protection efforts. The support of friends like you allows us to continue our work conserving wild gorillas.

Want to do even more to help show your support…There are a number of ways to GET INVOLVED.

You can…

No matter how you choose to help, we appreciate your support of the Fossey Fund in our continued mission of Helping People. Saving Gorillas.

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