Nxai Pan National Park

This is another national park in Botswana which is found in pans of Makgadikgadi and it borders Makgadikgadi pan national park, it’s also located in the north east of Botswana and it covers an approximate area of about 2578km² in the old pandamenta trails which was still used as overland cattle drives until 1960s.

Visit a millennia-old baobab forest which was named after the man who discovered and portrayed them in a famous canvas painting, at Baines Baobabs. These unique tree baobabs attract many visitors who travel in Botswana to experience the wilderness of the country.

Guided trails used by the area’s first two European explorers as they were entering the Africa’s interior and the trail is now accessed with four-wheel-drives instead. Visitors spot the famous baobabs and the take a photo comparing it with the paintings, Nature Adventure Africa Safaris flexibility makes visiting Baines Baobabs and other Nxai Pan National Park attractions simple since visitors make a travel plan favourable to them at any time.