Rent A 4WD Rooftop Tent Jeep: Setting Guides & Tips


Without doubt, rooftop tent camping has kicked off to be more traveling desired option by a range of adventurous travelers who are opting for comfort by a special experience. Being a luxurious or economy trip, a reflection to have a self drive 4×4 safari in Uganda with a rooftop tent jeep guarantee the desires on your traveling list.

In Uganda, rooftop tent camping has as well been availed and travelers can have the offer on either a self-drive or a guided trip. In most, make it possible that when renting with a rooftop tent do it with a single service provider (car rental operators) as most of the companies have availed both services.

So, not so easy like ground tent camping, rooftop camping is one another hectic set. Though it’s look, it should worry you when planning to use the rooftop tent camping even for the first time as setting the tent is seems troubling. It’s highly simplified, a rooftop tent can weigh about 55kg and its setting may even not require an assistant.

Steps of setting a rooftop tent

Rooftop tents camping is the easiest way of traveling as the vehicle can be packed away and set for a night. Don’t think of scrolling all corners while connecting every side pole and secure pining them for the ground establishment. All you have to do is unfold the tent and everything is done.

When traveling a night on a rooftop tent, just know that most of the accessories are already set and just have to make things right to use. Before setting up the rooftop tent, reaching at the camping site of your choice make sure the vehicle is parked on a well leveled ground.

The next step, undo the two webbing straps over the water proof PVC cover. Unfasten the transit cover and slide out the sail track. Realize the ladder strap, and the two hold down straps on either side of the rooftop tent. Extent out the telescopic ladder until all the locking pins are engaged. Using it as a lever, pull down on the ladder which will unfold the top half of the rooftop tent.

Then the half of the tent will drop until the entire floor of the tent is flat. Then have to position the ladder on the ground, free from any obstacles which is a support for the overhanging half of the rooftop tent to insert the canopy hoop into the lugs supporting the canopy.

Use the guy ropes to peg down each corner of the canopy, insert window tension poles in either hole drilled beneath the window and flex up to attach the hook end of this pole into the eyelets of the window canopy on all sides. Enjoy the wondrous night.

What should include on the rooftop tent?

Roof Rack

Rooftop Tent Hardware

Ladder (it helps for both ground establishment or support and climbing)

Tent Cover

Rooftop Tent Expansions

Alternative Tents/Covers


Storage Accessories

Camp Furniture



First Aid Kits

Other Items

How to access rooftop tent in Uganda?

Only one can access a rooftop tent with a car rental, most of the car hire agencies have availed 4×4 safari land cruisers with rooftop tents and all camping gears. The only things to make your request and get you attended to for a tremendous memorable off ground adventure camping trip.


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