St Floris National Park

St Floris National park is among the largest savannah wildlife parks in central and western Africa. The park covers a total land area with an approximation of 16400km² and was gazetted as a national park in 1988. The park is said to be a habitat for a number of species of east and western African vegetation

The park is trisected into three main zones which include the flood plain of the Bahr Aouk and Bahr Kameur rivers in the north plus the Massif des Bongo in the south. The predominant vegetation type found within the park includes the Sudanese-Guinean Woodland which is divided into categories such as Terminalia laxiflora wooded Savannah, Isoberlinia doka and the mixed lowland woodland among others.


The park has got more than 57 species of mammals of which some are endemic to St Floris National park. The park is also a home to endangered species of the black rhino, elephant, hippo, red-fronted gazelle, lion, cheetah, wild dog, leopard, Buffon’s kobs, golden cat, duiker and giraffes, water buck and red hartebeest and the buffalo just to mention but a few.

The park is also said to have an estimation of more than 320 birds’ species of which 25 are raptors resident in the savannah habitat. Some of the bird species commonly seen here includes the shoe bill, African fish eagle, Bateleur, pelican, marabou stork among others

The park is surrounded by lush game reserves such as Aouk-Aoukale and Ouandija-Vakanga and this has facilitated free movement of wildlife in the habitat.