Lake Naivasha

Enjoying the fresh waters Lake Naivasha is one of the best tourist destinations while in Kenya, lying at an elevation of 1890m and it is surrounded by papyrus swamps that act as water catchment areas hence leading the area to be with abundant water source. The lake is served by Malewa and Gilgil Rivers. The eco system created by this lake is one of the most recognized avian place and a terrestrial game viewing place.

The conservation of this place is an indication of how Kenya considers wetlands within the region.  This was converted into a national park hence being great conservation areas of the country. Lake Naivasha is located in central Kenya and it is only 15 minutes flight or a 2hours drive from Nairobi. This park can be visited mainly during the dry season which is experienced during July to October with a rainy season in November to December with January to February being the hottest dry season.

What to see and do

Birds, Lake Naivasha is a RAMSAR site due to the ecological importance of the lake that has attracted a number of birds around the area, the lake has got over 450 bird species including both residents and migratory birds from the different regions. Migratory birds usually flock into the place during the months of October to March, the available cliff around the lake and the fig trees offers homes to a number of weavers, Red Billed Fire Finches, grey caped warblers, grey-backed fiscal plus the colorful aerial creatures just to mention but a few.

When you slope into the acacia trees you will find hawks, cuckoos, woodpeckers, shrikes. Other birds such as Jacanas, herons and kingfishers are found in the papyrus swamps though the common birds around the lake include the cormorants, pelicans and the African Fish Eagle, once a fish is located, the fish eagle spreads its powerful four to six-foot black wings and skillfully grasps the fish with its talons.

Wild animals, if you want to enjoy the best of your safari and you think that you are good at taking photos, just visit lake Naivasha, this is the main drinking water for the different animals including buffaloes, zebras, elands, water bucks, impalas just to list, hippos also tour around the place to cool their body temperatures during the hot season and day. Game drives can be done here and you will get a chance to see these animals coming from their wallowing areas to graze along the lake shores. Private conservancies like Loldia and Oserian offers the best game drive areas.

Boat excursions, visiting the lake just to see it will not be enough for you to enjoy the lake but taking up a boat excursion would be of a great importance. Morning and afternoon excursions are the best recommended around the lake. Here you will visit the crescent Island with an experienced guide who will help you to locate the different animals by colors, behavior and location. The calm waters of the lake will make your stress history due to the conducive environment produced while on the boat forming waves.

Participate in nature walks, besides other activities, the lake can be enjoyed through nature walks where you will visit the local people who will take you through their culture and norms, traditional dances and songs and you will engage in cooking the different cuisines. You may also explore Lake Naivasha on horseback and this will add you joy as you experience the beautiful weather around the lake. This can be combined with other day trips including visiting the different schools around, farmlands, a visit to Elsamere Museum and other crater lakes around.

Where to stay

Due to the fact that this region may be new to every person most especially international visitors, the trip to Lake Naivasha should be arranged priory such that you get to know the weather, location and security within the area you are planning to travel to. This can be done with Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited, accommodation around the lake depends on the visitors’ budget but the company can get the best facilities with a true natural, cultural and historical attractions including standard services, food and road plus air transport accessibility.

These are categorized in tiers with both high-end Tiers 1 including Loldia House and Chui Lodge, Tier 2 which provides mid-range accommodation facilities and Tier 3 which is the most economical accommodation for budget tourists. Different cottages are also available for those who plan for their honey moon, couples which give more privacy including other social amenities such as fire places and a nice stunning view of mountain Longonot.