Visit Kenya and Maasai Mara National Park

Wildebeest migration

Welcome to Kenya counted as part of the East African countries, Kenya has got magic behind its national parks that has made it to be one of the mostly visited countries in Africa, the country is bordered by Uganda to the west, Ethiopia to the north, South Sudan to the northwest, Tanzania to the south and Somali plus the Indian ocean to the east. Being near the great water body of the Indian Ocean made Kenya a fast developing country during the Arab era since the ocean facilitated trade around the region. Kenya has got a number of national parks where you can experience tours in Kenya and this has attracted many visitors for over the years with some being situated in easily accessible areas including the capital city of Nairobi, the following parks ranks Kenya a number one stop over for wildlife and cultural tourism. Today on our African travel guide we have listed for you some the parks that you should not miss while on your business, study and holidays in Kenya.

Maasai Mara National Reserve or Park

This is one of the most interesting Kenya National Parks within the Republic of Kenya due to its flat plains that enable your conduct massive game drives around without interactions. Maasai Mara National Park is located in the southwestern Kenya near Kenya Tanzania border and it has got a savannah wilderness with a grassy plains with some doted hills around. The park is crossed by Mara and Talek Rivers and the park covers a total land area of 1510km² within Kenya rift valley province. Mara visitors should expect to see an infinite variety of animals and other species around and the park is large enough with disposal are which is occupied by the Maasai local people.

One of the best months to visit this park is from July throughout October where you will get a chance to see what is called Wildebeest migration which is regarded as the world’s most astonishing natural spectacles with a number of multi species migrations with over 1.5million wildebeest, zebras and antelopes. While the most dramatic parts of the Great Wildebeest Migration take place largely from Maasai Mara and the neighboring Serengeti national park in Tanzania and this offers the chance to see a massive number of animals and the predators who follow them everywhere they go. The park offers a variety of safari lodges and camps where you can stay while on your safari in Kenya.

Enjoy a horseback safari while at the park, this make the park one of the best places to travel to due to the unique experience that can be obtained from here, enjoy the park like you have never enjoyed before and on this, you will get entertained by the herds of zebras and giraffes associated with buffaloes and elephants as they roar around the flat plains of the park. You will get entertained by the Masai worriers around the Oloololo literary meaning Zigzag escarpment, you will blaze fire as the sun dips in to the sky as you enjoy the traditional dances and songs from the Masai warriors as well as exploring the savannah on foot with your armed guides from the park.

Buffalo Springs National Reserve

This was considered as a national reserve and it covers a total land area of 131km² lying at an altitude of 850m and 1230m above the sea level. The reserve has got a gently rolling lowland plain with Champagne Ride being its major characteristics on the southeast of the reserve with a hot, dry and semi arid climate. The park therefore can be visited any time of the year, As with other wondrous East African safari destinations, the weather patterns include rainy and dry seasons and the best time to visit the reserve is between July and October and the fact is that during this season, all the water pond dry up hence leaving the animals with one option of converging at the Ewaso Nyiro River.

Buffalo Springs National Reserve is an alternate choice for those who desire and enjoying the  trip in northern Kenya’s bush country since it is one of the far located reserves with a remarkable flora and fauna, you will experience the rolling grass land, forests, scrubs, Ewaso Nyiro River from which the reserve got its named and the lava terraces not forgetting the rare northern species of reticulated giraffes, vulture guinea fowls and Gravy’s zebras, all of which are unique to the region. From a wide range of animals, your eyes will be excited with the Somali Ostriches, Beisa Oryx and gerenuks including other foragers and grazers such as elephants, hippos, olive baboons, buffaloes, Grant’s gazelles and the African Wild Dogs.

The reserve is a place for more than 450 species recorded around the northern bush country and Riverine forests. This is where you will find the most threatened Lesser Kestrels and the Taita Falcons plus other egrets, Yellow-billed ox-peckers, African darters, yellow-billed horn bills, grey headed kingfisher, martial eagles and therefore the reserve will be enjoyable while on the game drives, nature walks and  interacting with the local people.




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