Chrea National Park

The park derives its name from the nearby town; the park is located in the Blida Province of the North West Region of Algeria. The park is also occupied by some mountains such as Blidean Atlas, a portion of the Tell Atlas range where the grotto of Chiffa and the snow skiing station of Chréa are situated. The Chréa skiing station is one of the few in Africa that can offer skiing on natural snow.

This is one of the smallest national park of Algeria’s, the rugged terrain and abundant flora provides a suitable habitat for a variety of birds and animals plus some raptors. The Atlas cedar forests found within the park is a home to a population of Barbary Apes including also the Old World monkey species that which is so endangered.

There are numerous walking trails that were established in the Chrea National Park and these have been utilized by various visitors who enjoy the rich natural beauty of this charming Algerian national park and the fact is that, this park is worth for visiting.